ANADIGICS Introduces Six TD-LTE Small-Cell Power Amplifiers

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ANADIGICS TD-LTE Small-Cell Power Amplifiers

ANADIGICS has introduced six new power amplifiers (PAs)  for TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution) small-cell applications. These are AWB7031, AWB7032, AWB7228, AWB7231, AWB7232 and AWB7239 TD-LTE power amplifiers and optimized for small-cell applications including picocells, femtocells and customer premises equipment (CPE).  

ANADIGICS’ complete family of small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifiers leverages the Company’s InGaP-Plus™ technology and design architectures. The AWB7031 and AWB7032 power amplifiers are optimized for ¼-Watt linear output power applications and featured in compact 5 mm by 5 mm packages. 

 The AWB7228, AWB7231, AWB7232 and AWB7239 power amplifiers deliver +27 dBm output power for ½-Watt linear output power applications.  These new small-cell power amplifiers also support the short turn-on-time requirements of TD-LTE applications.

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