LTE Advanced Opportunistic Small Cells

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Captures the 2013 MWC demonstration of small-cells that dynamically turn on/off based on proximate users, a feature important for the very dense small cell deployments as envisioned to meet the 1000x data challenge. The demo utilizes Qualcomm's live over-the-air LTEi Advanced small-cell network in San Diego.

Carriers LTE dilemma: Deploying and managing small cell

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RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar: This webinar will provide insight into the current challenges facing wireless carriers as they look to deploy small cells into their LTE networks.

An Interview with Balazs Bertenyi, 3GPP SA Chairman

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New Release 11 features, Release 12 in the requirements definition phase…Focus is on the demand side and the need to expand system capacity.

LTE positioning methods and how to test on terminal receivers

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Rohde & Schwarz webinar: LTE Release 9 adds several new features to LTE, such as evolved MBMS (eMBMS), dual-layer beamforming (transmission mode 8) and positioning support. To support network-based positioning estimation, new reference signals known as positioning reference signals (PRS) have been introduced.

China Mobile's views on LTE TDD

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Yuhong Huang, Deputy General Manager of the China Mobile Research Institute, sees the TDD industry and market receiving a boost in early 2013.

Is there a market for LTE Broadcast?

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RCR Wireless News Editor-In-Chief Dan Meyer talks with Lynette Luna, senior analyst at Current Analysis, about the recent news Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon Wireless regarding LTEi Broadcast and whether there is a market for carrier-derived broadcast services.

LTE Device Ecosystem: Design, Test, Launch and Repair

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RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar: The number of LTEi devices is exploding rapidly, from 269 devices in January 2012 to 560 devices produced by 83 suppliers as of November 2012. Getting an LTE smartphone, tablet, or USB modem into users' hands is no simple task, however.

Broadcom's upcoming LTE modem

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Broadcom's Lars Johnsson shows how the company's newest LTEi modem will use space, power and spectrum more efficiently.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 4G LTE hands-on

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Hands-on with the just announced Galaxy Note 10.1 with Verizon 4G LTEi. Available later this month.

Driving New Revenues with Policy Management and Subscriber Engagement

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Openwave Mobilityi Webinar: Policy Decision and Policy Enforcement in mobile data networks is evolving beyond basic blocking and throttling of traffic to enabling advanced use cases and capabilities.

Listen to Openwave Mobility discuss how mobile operators can achieve tangible and measurable increases in ARPU by deploying Policy Engagement.

Maximizing LTE MIMO Throughput Using Drive Test Measurements

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MIMOi antenna transmission schemes are critical for unlocking the high data rates achievable through LTEi. A clear understanding of the RF environment, which primarily governs MIMO performance, helps operators to save infrastructure dollars and better optimize their LTE networks.

BroadSoft Webinar: How Mobile Operators Can Monetize Their LTE Investments

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Moderator: Jeff Mucci, CEO & Editorial Director, RCR Wireless News
Presenter: Michael Blauer, Director of Solutions Product Management, BroadSoft

This webinar will detail key strategies for how mobile operators can start monetizing their LTEi investments immediately.

2012 TWS: Video over LTE Testing Aspects

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Andreas Roessler, Technology Manager for Rohde & Schwarz, provides attendees at the 2012 Texas Wireless Summit with an overview of challenges associated with testing video over LTEi.