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Optus Completes Vividwireless Acquisition, to Build TD-LTE Testing Facilities

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Australian carrier Optus has completed acquisition of the Vividwireless Group from Seven Group Holdings (SGH). With up to 98MHz of spectrum in the 2.3GHz band across key population areas, Optus plans to offer high capacity 4G network.

Optus to Acquire Vividwireless, Plans TD-LTE Network

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Australian carrier Optus has reached an agreement to acquire Vividwireless Group which operates under the vividwireless and unwired brands for A$230 million cash.

Vividwireless achieves 128Mbps in TD-LTE trial

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Australia’s wireless broadband provider, vividwireless, has announced the results of TD-LTE Trial with Huawei .

Vividwireless to Trial TD-LTE in Australia

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Australian wireless broadband provider, vividwireless, has announced  trial of TD-LTE which can deliver peak speeds of more than 100Mbps.

Huawei and vividwireless Launch MIMO BeamForming WiMAX Network

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Huawei and vividwireless  today announced the launch of Australia' s first commercial WiMAX network in Perth – the most powerful wireless broadband network in the country.

Huawei Successfully Delivers Australia' s First 4G WiMAX Network

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April 2, 2010 - Huawei has successfully deployed Australia' s first fourth-generation (4G) wireless network with Seven Network Limited company, vividwireless.