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WiMAX: A Way Forward in India

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India is a huge market for broadband wireless services and offers immediate and enormous potential for growth.

WiMAX Migration from Release 1 to Release 2

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The WiMAX Forum is accelerating its development efforts to produce Release 2 equipment based on the upcoming IEEE Standard 802.16m.

WiMAX Forum to India: Deploy Broadband Now

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WiMAX Forum has urged Indian operators to deploy broadband now. In recent BWA auctions India allocated 2 blocks of 20MHz in the 2.3GHz band across the same 22 service areas. 

WiMAX Forum and Femto Forum join hands

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The WiMAX Forum and the Femto Forum has announced the publication of the first WiMAX femtocell standard.

WiMAX Manufacturers, Providers Agree on New Enhancements

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WiMAX equipment manufacturers, service providers and chip companies have reached a major milestone in advancing the speed of data and the efficiency of broadband wireless networks based on the 802.

Global WiMAX Business Development Forum - development of the WiMAX industry worldwide has taken off

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The development of the WiMAX industry worldwide has taken off, according to Global WiMAX Business Development Forum.

WiMAX Forum Delivers on First Step of Open Retail Initiative

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WiMAX Forum has announced the completed installation of its Mformation® Technologies Inc. OMA-DM server.

WiMAX Forum Launches Industry Initiative to Accelerate Technology Roadmap to Meet Explosive Market Demand

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April 8, 2010 – In response to the intensifying demand for 4G WiMAX networks and services, the WiMAX Forum today launched a global initiative to accelerate advanced WiMAX features that enhance the