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Nokia Networks Readies Zain Kuwait for VoLTE Launch

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Zain Kuwait LTE

Nokia Networks announced successful Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call using Zain’s commercial LTE network in Kuwait. For the live HD (high-definition) voice call and video capability, Nokia Networks used its VoLTE solution, and services expertise to successfully conduct the project

Zain Kuwait Plans to Launch Commercial LTE-Advanced Network

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Zain Kuwait has announced plans to launch a commercial LTE-Advanced network in Kuwait in collaboration with technology partner Huawei. The rollout will see Zain Kuwait and Huawei activate over 100 LTE-A cell sites during a first phase,

Zain, Huawei Build Nationwide Commercial LTE 1800MHz Network in Kuwait

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Zain Kuwait LTE

Mobile service provider Zain has launched nationwide commercial LTE 1800 MHz network in Kuwait in partnership with Huawei. On November 21, Zain launched LTE services under the banner of "Wiyana Connect LTE", a newly-built LTE network that realizes Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) as a LTE voice solution.

Zain Kuwait Announces Nationwide LTE Service

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Zain Kuwait LTE

Zain Kuwait has announced the launch of its 4G LTE network nationwide. Operator's Wiyana Connect 4G LTE plan is available for compatible mobile phones, tablets, routers, hotspots and dongles in 1800 MHz band.

Zain Kuwait experiments with LTE

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Mobile service provider, Zain Kuwait is experimenting with LTE and have achived 150 mb/s download speed.