Zain Kuwait Plans to Launch Commercial LTE-Advanced Network

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Zain Kuwait has announced plans to launch a commercial LTE-Advanced network in Kuwait in collaboration with technology partner Huawei. The rollout will see Zain Kuwait and Huawei activate over 100 LTE-A cell sites during a first phase, with Zain Kuwait indicating that the technology will later be made available across the country as more sites become operational.

The core technologies of the LTE-A platform that Huawei has deployed for Zain Kuwait include Carrier Aggregation (CA), which allows for full utilization of spectrum resources scattered across multiple frequency bands. Besides enabling high bandwidth, CA ensures backwards compatibility with LTE to facilitate a smooth and seamless migration.

Last year, Zain collaborated with Huawei to launch a commercial LTE network. At the same time, Zain partnered with Huawei to provide the public with diversified LTE smart devices including smartphones, routers, hotspot MiFi and dongles. Earlier this year, Zain and Huawei also formalized an agreement to create a Joint Innovation Center in Kuwait to focus on LTE-based solutions for enterprises, machine-to-machine services and other service-based applications

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