12 UEs in a Box for Performance Verification and Optimization of Wireless Networks by Signalion

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Dresden, Germany, November 28, 2012 – Signalion announces the launch of its new product DTS-12. It is a simple and cost-efficient tool for performance verification and optimization of wireless networks by means of drive tests.

DTS-12 provides a simple and cost-efficient means to measure relevant cell parameters of up to 12 networks in parallel. GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA as well as LTE are supported and can be mixed ad libitum. Tetra and WiMax support is on the roadmap.

Unless other solutions DTS-12 focuses on the hardware part of a drive test solution. It provides an open interface to software evaluation tools of third parties or for customer specific logging.

“Drive testing has become expensive. Tool complexity and costs are one reason. DTS-12 bridges a gap in the market for applications in which simplicity and cost efficiency are the top priorities”, says Thorsten Dräger, Managing Director of Signalion and responsible for the DTS-12 development.

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