ABI Research: Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer a ‘Compelling Argument’ to Begin Network Functions Virtualization

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Mountain View, California, U.S., October 29, 2013: Cloud-based mobile video-optimization provider Skyfire has announced that leading technology market intelligence company ABI Research has commended its Rocket Optimizer mobile video optimization solution. In particular, ABI praised Rocket Optimizer’s abilities to pave the way to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) mobile infrastructure; and efficiently process high, and unpredictable, subscriber demand for mobile video.

“Independently of the way it is deployed in the network, Rocket Optimizer presents a very compelling argument for operators of all sizes to begin the path towards the mobile network of tomorrow,” wrote Joe Hoffman, Research Director of ABI Research. “It delivers all the key elements an operator needs to take its first steps towards an NFV and SDN future. Moreover, Skyfire is well positioned with Rocket Optimizer, and its Experience Assurance and CloudBurst features, to help operators satisfy appetite for mobile video and derive a profit from it.”

Rocket Optimizer is a unique cloud-based mobile network solution that can dynamically and instantly optimize any type of video and other high-bandwidth multimedia. It can deliver a 60 per cent boost in bandwidth capacity while preserving the highest visual quality. Its Experience Assurance technology allow operators to measure, quantify and mitigate congestion in real time, without the installation of legacy inline appliance hardware or RAN probes in the network, while its CloudBurst technology lets operators instantly expand their optimization capacity to handle planned AND unplanned spikes in network traffic.

In the recently published research note, ABI identifies Rocket Optimizer as a low-risk path to mobile network virtualization, leveraging elements of NFV and preparing for evolution to SDN. Rocket Optimizer currently works with SDN-based steering vendors, which leverage SDN to define traffic routing and network functions on commodity hardware servers. Rocket Optimizer uses SDN’s programmable routers to identify and route large video, streaming audio and image traffic to the cloud for optimization and successful and instantaneous delivery.

Mobile operators embracing NFV will likely opt for a low-risk step-by-step network adoption. Initially, operators can prove the viability of individual virtualized functions now, such as the traditional in-network function of data and media optimization and traffic shaping. Skyfire's Rocket Optimizer is NFV-ready now, and it makes for a robust and compelling use case for operators looking for immediate cost, flexibility and user experience benefits from a virtualized cloud.

Moreover, video and multimedia optimization in the cloud is possible when intelligent routing and steering partners are already present in the network, and Skyfire cooperates with these to deliver bandwidth capacity boosts across all devices. Skyfire's Rocket Optimizer can be an all-important first step in implementing robust, cost-saving, capacity-boosting services in NFV architecture.

The ABI research note on Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer can be downloaded here: www.skyfire.com/nfv-sdn-implementation

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