AIRCOM launches IVLP 3.0

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Leatherhead, UK – 5 November 2013 - AIRCOM International, the leading independent network design and optimisation software and solutions provider, has today announced a major upgrade to its network configuration product, IVLP, which will significantly increase the scope of its configuration management capability.

IVLP is a configuration management tool that enables engineers to improve network quality by providing visibility to the live network configuration, and by enabling remote changes to the configuration of multi -vendor and multi-technology networks. This can significantly reduce operating costs, increase speed of network changes, as well as helping secure improved network quality.

By loading the live network configuration into the planning tool, engineers can be certain that all optimisation changes have been fed back into the planning environment or other engineering systems. As a result, IVLP guarantees that network changes are planned from a baseline that matches the live network, ensuring accurate designs that ensure a better performing network. The latest iteration of the solution provides this support across GSM, UMTS and LTE network technologies.

This release also adds network analysis to IVLP. Network analysis provides auditing capabilities which highlight incorrectly configured network elements. The network analysis functionality enables the creation of a planned network environment, allowing for the development of a baseline against which the live network can be compared. Incorrectly configured networks are one of the primary causes of poor performance; therefore resolving these discrepancies ensures a more efficient network.

IVLP 3.0 can generate data transcripts and write them back into the network. This allows parameters to be changed, neighbour relations to be created, changed or deleted and even entire sites to be integrated. Network dependencies and network element interworking are fully catered for. As a result, automated data transcript generation is faster, lower cost and more accurate than the traditional, manual approach. This means network optimisation changes happen more quickly, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

“With these latest updates, IVLP 3.0 enables engineers to significantly improve network quality,” said Calum Byers, COO at AIRCOM International. “The new features focus predominantly on auditing the network and creating data transcripts to modify the network settings. With these capabilities, engineers are better placed to find and resolve discrepancies. This leads to a better performing network, a more efficient operator business and, ultimately, happier end users.”

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