Airspan Showcases 20 MHz TDD and FDD Small Cell with integrated backhaul

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Boca Raton, FL, June 4, 2013 – Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of 4G broadband wireless access networks, announced today that it is demonstrating its AirSynergy 2000 Outdoor LTE Pico-cell solution at the Small Cell Forum World Summit in London this week. 

AirSynergy 2000 is an LTE eNodeB optimized for deployment in a Heterogeneous Network at street level (e.g. on lamp posts, utility Poles, building sides). The eNodeB can also be combined with Airspan’s iBridge NLOS Small Cell Backhaul solution to create a holistic high capacity end to end wireless LTE Small Cell system. 

Airspan is demonstrating its LTE pico cell technology during the Small Cell Forum World Summit, in London. The demonstration shows 20 MHz FDD operation delivering 150 Mbit/s on the downlink and 40 Mbit/s on the uplink. The same platform is capable of 106 Mbit/s on the downlink and 8 Mbit/s on the uplink using 20MHz TD-LTE.

The company is also demonstrating iBridge, where speeds greater than 150Mbit/s in a 20MHz TDD channel are being achieved. This is the first public showing of a small cell backhaul technology compliant with the emerging backhaul standard, IEEE 802.16r. 

“Airspan has deployed thousands of small form factor 4G cells for access networks through our powerful Air4G product line which is the smallest and most compact in the industry. The new additions to our product line for 20 MHz FDD and TDD performance and integrated backhaul are very exciting extensions to the complete Airspan HetNet solution. Together, with our stand alone EPC core, variety of UE’s and extensive network management tools we continue to raise the technological bar in the LTE industry” said Eric Stonestrom, President and CEO. “Other vendors are trying to maximize sales of expensive antiquated macro cell designs while we offer operators and vertical applications a breakthrough paradigm using small cells to manage escalating end user data loads.” 

“We are pleased to be given the opportunity to showcase our small cell products at such an important industry event,” commented Paul Senior, Airspan Chief Technical Officer, and board member of the Small Cell Forum. “Small cell based network architectures promise to address the mobile data capacity crunch, and our demonstrations are proof that Airspan’s latest small cell technology is up to the challenge, with class leading LTE access and non-line-of-site small cell backhaul performance.”

The AirSynergy family of products is a groundbreaking LTE pico cell for outdoor and indoor Public Access deployments. Its compact design ensures discrete deployments in various locations such as lamp posts, telephone poles and building fronts. Unique to the product is the capability for integrated wireless backhaul, called iBridge, and the ability to self-configure, self-connect, self-heal and self-optimize when deployed as part of a Heterogeneous Network. In addition to the AirSynergy2000, the company offers an indoor model called AirSynergy 1000 designed to offer low cost, self timed and synchronized LTE and Wi-Fi access at a fraction of the cost of Distributed Antenna Systems. This solution is available now, and like the outdoor Air Synergy 2000, can extend capacity and coverage considerably when added to macro cell architectures.

Paul Senior will be speaking at the Small Cell Forum World Summit this week in London as part of the Backhaul Summit on Tuesday. His presentation is entitled Heterogeneous Networks need Heterogeneous backhaul: The Small Cell Backhaul lifecycle needs a network architecture, not just technologies.

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