Aricent and IPTEGO Partner to Help Communication Service Providers Optimize Customer Experience Management

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East Brunswick, NJ, and Berlin, Germany, December 7, 2010 – Aricent, a global innovation, technology, and services company focused exclusively on communications, today announced its agreement with IPTEGO to bundle the company’s PALLADION NGN Optimization Suite as part of its system integration services for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Designed to reduce customer churn, streamline network management costs, and protect current revenue, the PALLADION NGN Optimization Suite is a real-time network intelligence suite that increases the Return-on-Investment (ROI) for VoIP, LTE, and IMS deployments. When combined with Aricent’s deep experience in managing Next-Generation Networks (NGNs), CSPs have a powerful solution that can offset internal resources for managing Quality of Service (QoS) and reduce costs while simultaneously improving customers’ overall experience.

“IPTEGO’s PALLADION is addressing CSPs’ need to achieve an excellent level of customer experience for each individual user while operating Next Generation Networks in a highly cost efficient way,” said Alex Hoffman, CEO at IPTEGO. “IPTEGO is pleased to partner with Aricent to provide a full solution and professional services to enhance customer experience and to reduce costs of operations and churn at the same time.”

Aricent selected IPTEGO PALLADION Suite due to its unique capacity to extract important information associated with complex NGN data in real-time and present it through an intuitive, graphical interface. This simple user interface allows operations staff to quickly view critical information on customers, customer groups and the NGN network while still having the ability to drill-down into the details. This drastically reduces the skill set required to operate the network and services, minimizes the time for daily tasks in terms of operations, support, troubleshooting and even extends capabilities to include fraud detection.

The benefits of this partnership are already being recognized as a Tier-1 European CSP has contracted with Aricent to deliver and deploy the IPTEGO PALLADION solution for diagnostics and monitoring of their VoIP/IMS network.

“Aricent’s collaboration with IPTEGO is targeted specifically at resolving customer experience issues, presenting service providers with a single organization that can provide the technology as well as the consulting and system integration resources required to assess and assure quality of service associated with NGN,” said Patrick Joggerst, executive vice president and general manager at Aricent. “We now have an enhanced capability to help service providers develop and deploy systems which help optimize the customer experience associated with the broad set of new communications services users demand.”

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