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Axell Wireless Enhances Public Safety Solutions

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Paris, 22nd May, 2013 - Axell Wireless, the worldwide leader in public safety coverage solutions, today announced enhancements to its market leading portfolio of public safety coverage systems at the Critical Communications World show.

These enhancements mark another step in Axell Wireless’ ongoing strategy to lead, and support, the development of TETRA and public safety coverage technologies as a whole. The new Spectrum Analyser facility is designed to lower the costs of set up and operation associated with TETRA network deployments, while its LTE range of solutions advances the mobile data capabilities of public safety networks.

Fully integrated spectrum analyser capability

The new fully integrated Spectrum Analyser solution provides operators with an accurate view of all available parameters - including, bandwidth, frequency range, and power – allowing for remotely controlled network optimisation through a simple user interface, as well as a significant reduction in troubleshooting and maintenance time and costs.

LTE-ready for next generation public safety networks

Axell Wireless has already pioneered the use of LTE technology with cellular operators through the provision of multi-band digital repeaters and Fibre Distributed Antenna Systems (FibreDAS) to deliver mixed 2G, 3G and LTE services. These have been successfully deployed in challenging coverage environments all over the world including stadia, tunnels, shopping malls and large commercial buildings. LTE technology also offers massive bandwidth capability for public safety operators to stream live data and share high-resolution images in the most demanding of physical environments. Axell’s coverage products have the capability to combine the highly secure and resilient TETRA infrastructure with a high-capacity data pipe based on LTE, whilst providing segmentation from the commercial operator’s network.

Ian Brown, CEO, Axell Wireless commented: “For more than 40 years Axell has been at the forefront of the development of DAS and wireless coverage solutions. With the continued enhancements to our digital TETRA repeater range we are working to drive down operator’s roll-out and operational costs while improving the planning and management of their networks. Equally our LTE-ready solutions further enhance public safety communications with high-speed data capability. Axell DAS and coverage systems can support cellular and public safety frequencies simultaneously allowing, for example, both voice using TETRA and mobile data transmissions using dedicated LTE bands on the same DAS. Axell’s innovative technology provides users and operators of public safety networks with an increasing range of flexible solutions for handling secure voice and data services.”

Axell Wireless’ digital products are based on SDR technology and make use of patented digital filtering techniques. These techniques allow operators to make instant changes to the functionality of their coverage systems via remote links within existing hardware, providing flexibility, lower-cost deployment and maintenance.

Visit the Axell Wireless team on Stand B205 at Critical Communications World 2013 in Paris (22-24 May) to see a live demonstration of the latest equipment.

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