cVidya Launches Powerful Marketing Analytics Suite

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London, November 19, 2013 - cVidya, a leading provider of Revenue Analytics solutions for digital and communications service providers, today launched a powerful Marketing Analytics solution that will enable mobile operators to maximize revenue from existing services, improve customer acquisition and retention, and break into new markets.

Able to analyze customer information from multiple sources, Enrich™ offers a 360° view of cross-business key performance indicators, as well as packages of pre-modeled customer data analytics designed to address specific challenges faced by mobile operators. These include accelerating the penetration of data services and maximizing data revenue, improving customer acquisition and retention, managing LTE migration, optimizing price plans, and identifying opportunities for collaboration with third parties.

Enrich™ also enables marketers to independently detect new business opportunities, identify underserved customer segments and their needs and preferences, detect and address negative trends in customer behavior and monitor the impact of marketing initiatives.  Armed with this extensive insight, marketers can significantly improve the strategic planning of products, promotions and third-party collaborations.

Using sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning capabilities, Enrich™ can reveal hidden correlations between related subscribers, such as family members or partners of a small business, which can then be offered appropriate group tariffs or cross-service propositions. Marketers can also use this ‘Customer Groups’ model to prioritize specific customer groups in retention activities and lower overall churn.  Similarly, the 'Influencers' model enables marketers to identify and target customers whose actions influence the decisions of other customers regarding usage, purchases, churn, and the like.

“As cVidya’s trusted solutions already process more than 55 trillion data records a year, saving our customers $12 billion, we have both the big data analytics technology and the experience to help communications and digital service providers to fully monetize new services,” said Alon Aginsky President and CEO of cVidya. “The modular packages built into our versatile Enrich™ solution make it straightforward for Chief Marketing Officers and their teams to pinpoint how to achieve specific business objectives.”

Drawing on cVidya’s 12 years of experience in running big data projects, encompassing 150 customers in 64 countries, Enrich™ can pull in customer, usage and charge information from cVidya’s existing systems to give marketers an unprecedented level of insight into key business metrics.

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