DataXoom Offers Businesses 6 Months of Free 4G LTE Mobile Data Service

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PLEASANTON, CA – February 13, 2014 – DataXoom Corp., a pioneer in mobile data services for businesses, announced that it is offering 6 months of free 4G LTE mobile data connectivity to business customers. DataXoom provides cellular data network connectivity for the tablets, mobile hotspots, and specialty devices used by mid- and large-sized businesses.

Qualifying business customers can receive 2 GB of shared mobile data per month for each activated tablet.  The offer is in concert with DataXoom’s commercial launch, and will be available to new business customers that activate devices on the DataXoom network before March 31, 2014.

DataXoom’s aggressive offer is exclusively for business customers, and requires a minimum activation of 20 tablets.  Business customers can purchase new iOS and Android tablets directly from DataXoom, or can activate existing tablets with a SIM-only option.  Some device restrictions and minimum credit requirements apply.

“This is not it just another ‘free’ offer that is not really ‘free’ due to contractual commitments with high termination fees.  Our customers are very focused on value, and this offer provides them a no-risk opportunity to try our services,” said John Tantum, DataXoom’s CEO.

“Businesses are deploying tablets in huge numbers,” Tantum continued.  “Executives, salespeople, and field workers are all demanding tablets to improve their productivity. And DataXoom’s enterprise-specific tablet solution is a better fit than buying directly from the mobile operators.”

With DataXoom, business customers can purchase 2 GB, 5 GB, or 10 GB plans where data is pooled across an entire account.  Customers have access to 4G LTE networks.

DataXoom also offers tablet-and-service bundles for enterprises, in which the lease cost of the device is packaged with the monthly data service. The enterprise pays a single, low price for each unit deployed. Other services, such as configuration, warranty, and repair services, can be added. Additionally, DataXoom’s management platform provides administrators within an enterprise much greater control and visibility of their employees’ mobile data devices.

DataXoom offers businesses several important advantages:

  • DataXoom has no contracts or termination penalties.
  • DataXoom’s mobile data pricing options include pay-as-you-go plans, 2 to 10 GB plans that pool across all users, and TB plans that can be customized for specific pricing requirements.
  • DataXoom’s management platform allows an administrator to manage users through a single web interface across multiple underlying wireless networks.  It provides user authentication, data limits, and alerts.
  • Existing devices (tablets, cellular modems, etc.) can often be re-used for DataXoom’s service, or DataXoom can provide affordable new or refurbished devices. DataXoom has expertise in acquiring and delivering devices that are ready to use on its network.


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