Deutsche Telekom AG Uses Azimuth Systems’ ACE MX Wireless Channel Emulator for LTE, 2G/3G Test

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ACTON, MA – September 27, 2010 - Azimuth Systems Inc., a leading provider of wireless channel emulators and broadband wireless test equipment, today announced that Deutsche Telekom AG Germany has chosen the ACE™ MX MIMO channel emulator to support its broadband wireless testing needs. Deutsche Telekom AG will use the ACE MX wireless channel emulator in its 2x2 bidirectional configuration for wide-ranging eNodeB LTE testing including intra-RAT and inter-RAT handovers. In addition, the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator will be used for 2G/3G base station testing, terminal testing and network optimization.

Deutsche Telekom AG Germany chose Azimuth’s ACE MX wireless channel emulator platform because of its superior RF fidelity, inherent bi-directional capability, scalability and unmatched ease-of-use. Superior RF performance and bi-directionality are necessary for simultaneous, accurate and repeatable testing of uplink and downlink communications between base station and mobile terminals/devices. The ACE MX wireless channel emulator’s scalability makes setup and testing of SISO to advanced MIMO configurations quick and easy. Configuration and calibration of the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator is simple and fast, as all the necessary RF components are included inside the platform. The ACE MX channel emulator’s ability to support multiple types of testing, such as conformance, interoperability and performance testing, for all SISO and MIMO cellular technologies was important to Deutsche Telekom AG as well.

“Azimuth’s ACE MX MIMO channel emulator allows Deutsche Telekom AG Germany to thoroughly and reliably test several key elements of our world-class mobile service offering and ultimately enables us to help maintain the level of quality that customers have come to expect from Deutsche Telekom AG,” said Herbert Bayer, GSM LTE System Introduction Team of Deutsche Telekom AG Germany. “In addition, the flexibility to test next generation LTE products with the same equipment used to test 2G/3G products provides tremendous benefits in terms of internal resources, time-to-market and overall ROI.”

The ACE MX wireless channel emulator replicates real-world channel conditions in a controllable and repeatable fashion through the use of complex channel models and multiple programmable parameters, enabling mobile infrastructure, chip set and device vendors, operators and test labs to test devices in real-world conditions while minimizing the time and expense of testing in the actual real world. A purpose-built, enhanced testing solution, the ACE MX wireless channel emulator is architected to meet the demanding needs of Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)-based systems for testing WiMAX, LTE and other advanced wireless infrastructure equipment and devices, and also includes all of the backwards-compatible channel emulation features to test 2G/3G cellular products.

“We have seen tremendous adoption of the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator in the US and internationally, and the addition of the Deutsche Telekom AG Germany further validates its impact on the mobile industry worldwide,” said Pete Paglia, vice president of sales and business development at Azimuth Systems. “We look forward to working with the Deutsche Telekom AG Germany to help ensure the highest quality mobile services are delivered to its customers -- now and into the future.”

About Azimuth Systems 

Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless channel emulators and wireless broadband test equipment for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE and 2G/3G cellular technologies. Azimuth’s products are used by the world’s foremost wireless semiconductor designers, infrastructure and mobile equipment vendors, and service providers to improve wireless product quality and speed time-to-market. Azimuth’s wireless channel emulation and test products and solutions enable research, development, quality assurance and systems engineers to test the performance, conformance, certification and interoperability of broadband wireless devices and networks while greatly reducing the cost and time of manual testing.

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