Dovado Announces Dovado GO portable 4G/LTE router

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Dubai Internet City, UAE / Kista, Sweden - March 4, 2013 - Dovado's, the supplier of mobile broadband routers and software to 4G/LTE and 3G operators and distributors, today announced that it has launched the Dovado GO, a fully portable 4G/LTE capable USB router. Its in-built, changeable battery allows users to unplug their router and take their connection with them, even if there isn't a mains power supply. The GO also provides a low-cost, small footprint router for use in M2M applications - maintaining a connection even when power is lost.

The GO is the latest in Dovado's range of routers for use in home, office, M2M and vehicle environments which use USB modems for connectivity. It includes a swappable battery that guarantees uptime in the case of mains power failure to create a more reliable user experience. Should the primary power source fail, the battery will seamlessly kick in to ensure continued uptime. The GO can also quickly notify the user by SMS should this occur and once again when mains power is restored. The device's battery also means users can take their connection with them wherever they go and continue using their connection whether this is in the car, on a boat or anywhere else without a power supply.

The Dovado GO supports high throughput 4G/LTE capabilities, supporting the very latest mobile broadband USB modems. Like all Dovado routers it utilizes SmartUSBTM functionality to ensure that inserted USB modems are repowered in the case of failure. The GO also features remote control along with event and Internet consumption notifications via SMS, allowing users to not only receive an SMS alert of their monthly data consumption, but also to disconnect or reconnect the router remotely by sending it a simple text command. Dovado's routers support over 200 different USB modems from over 20 vendors. An area where the GO is particularly useful is for M2M where it provides a low-cost off-the-shelf option for installations which require external antennas. Considering its ability to work with the full price/speed range of USB modems, it offers M2M installations to upgrade on top of a low initial CAPEX. The SMS features provide instant connection/power failure notifications and improved control for remote administrators of vending machines, CCTV, parking meters, etc.

"People nowadays rely on being connected more and more: whether it's for work or play, indoors or out and about," said Erik Arthur, Dovado CEO. "With Dovado GO the days of a power cut meaning no connectivity are over, giving users an Internet connection they can rely on at all times and take with them wherever they go. This solution makes it easier for consumers to replace their fixed line with mobile broadband thanks to its increased reliability and portability."

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