GENBAND Demonstrates Voice over LTE Services at MSF/GSMA VoLTE Interoperability Test Event 2011

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Frisco, Texas, Oct. 10, 2011– GENBAND, a leading developer of IP infrastructure and application solutions, today announced its successful participation in the GSMA backed MultiService Forum (MSF) Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Interoperability Test Event 2011 with the GENBAND A2™ Communications Application Server. Serving the role of VoLTE Telephony Application Server (TAS), the A2 provided Multimedia Telephony (MMTel) services with IMS to LTE mobile devices through 3GPP standard ISC and Ut interfaces. The test event was hosted by MSF and GSMA operator members Vodafone and China Mobile in the Vodafone Centre for Test and Innovation in Dusseldorf and the China Mobile Research Institute Lab in Beijing.

“GENBAND’s commitment to the VoLTE interoperability event, alongside Vodafone and China Mobile, highlights the significance of the combination of IMS and LTE for the telecommunications industry,” said Kyu-Ou Lee, MSF President. “The MSF and GSMA are working together to validate the standards to benefit the vendor and service provider ecosystem.”

Through the A2, GENBAND tested TAS functions using the ISC interface and successfully executed MMTel services to LTE devices via a third party IMS core. GENBAND also tested the Ut interface directly with the LTE devices for MMTel service configuration.

GENBAND’s A2 platform is a carrier grade, full-featured telephony and multimedia applications server, currently servicing more than 190 mobile, VoIP and IMS networks worldwide. The A2 provides consumer and business services, SIP trunking, and unified communication for Mobile, Fixed Line, Broadband and Cable Operators.

“The MSF/GSMA test event provides an ideal forum to validate core network interfaces that are essential to future multivendor deployment of LTE,” said Fred Kemmerer, Chief Technology Officer at GENBAND. “We are pleased to have successfully conducted a broad range of strategic tests with our multi-service A2 platform, paving the way for not only core MMTel services for consumers, but also enabling unified communications for mobile business customers. These capabilities are being deployed in today’s mobile networks in advance of LTE rollouts as networks prepare for migration.”

GENBAND is a gold sponsor of the MSF Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Interoperability Test Event, and has supported the event by leveraging its R&D expertise in IMS to develop key test cases for VoLTE services. GENBAND’s Jim McEachern also served as a past MSF president.

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