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Interop Technologies Enhances CDMA OTA Provisioning Solution, Enabling Network Operators To Manage R-UIM Cards

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FORT MYERS, FL-March 22, 2011-Interop Technologies, a provider of core solutions for messaging, device management, and connectivity gateways, has broadened its powerful CDMA OTA provisioning solution to manage Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) cards for CDMA handsets. This new capability enables network operators to access elementary files on R-UIM cards to update Preferred Roaming Lists (PRLs), service programming codes, and text messaging services directly on subscriber handsets.

Elementary files contain security-related procedures and data storage items that permit the basic management of handsets, as well as the delivery of user features and services extending beyond traditional IS-683 provisioning. Examples include the updating of SMS parameters and WAP browser features, as well as supplemental features, such as call forwarding when a number is busy and call forwarding to a new number. Interop's ability to access elementary files to update R-UIM cards has positioned the company to extend its CDMA OTA provisioning solution to wireless operators as they transition to LTE technology. Elementary files are also used to update Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (UICCs), used in devices that operate on LTE networks.

Working closely with the CDMA Development Group (CDG) to help define OMH standards, Interop Technologies has expanded the capabilities of its CDMA OTA provisioning solution to utilize Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP). OTASP enables subscribers to quickly and easily activate R-UIM cards. In addition, the Interop CDMA OTA solution offers an optional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system fully integrated into the Over-the-Air Function (OTAF). The IVR saves operators time and resources by automating routine tasks while making support services available around the clock.

With Over-the-Air Parameter Administration (OTAPA), operators can send mass updates to subscriber R-UIM cards or reprogram individual cards, supporting the introduction of new services. The technology enables customer service representatives to perform “one-off” updates, giving engineers time to focus on higher-level technical tasks. Interop's CDMA OTA solution provides full business visibility with real-time, Web-based customer care and reporting from the OTA campaign to the individual customer level. In addition, Interop's CDMA OTA solution enables an operator's network to update and modify A-Key provisioning data, adding an extra measure of security for subscribers.

In addition to OTASP and OTAPA support for R-UIM, the Interop CDMA OTA solution supports ESN, MEID, pESN, and EUMID equipment identification numbers. The solution also offers a configurable SPC algorithm and retry mechanism and provides extremely high activation accuracy and “five nines” (99.999 percent) reliability.

Interop Technologies currently provides its CDMA OTA solution to PT Smartfren (formerly PT Smart Telecom), a leading cellular service provider in Indonesia that utilizes R-UIM card technology. “Interop Technologies has been a key partner to Smartfren by providing us with an advanced OTA solution on our nationwide EV-DO network,” said Richard Tan, Deputy CEO, PT Smartfren. “As a result, we've been able to deliver a differentiated solution in one of the most competitive markets globally, and improve customer satisfaction while reducing our operational costs.” Smartfren is widely recognized as the first wireless operator in the world to launch CDMA 2000 1X-EVDO Rev. B services commercially.

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