JDSU Delivers an Industry-First for Reliable 4G/LTE and Mobile Backhaul Deployment

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Milpitas, Calif., March 1, 2012 – JDSU today introduced an  industry first communications test  solution to help  service providers and network equipment manufacturers  prevent dropped calls and poor video quality over 4G/LTE and mobile backhaul networks due to Ethernet synchronization issues.  The new “SyncE” solution is available on JDSU’s Optical Network Test (ONT) platform. 

As the communications industry transitions to Ethernet to deliver 4G/LTE and mobile backhaul, base stations that aren’t synchronized in frequency can disrupt mobile services and cause subscriber churn. Slow variations in signal timing (known as wander) as well as higher-speed variations in signal timing (known as jitter) create distorted signals for transporting voice, video and data over a network. This presents a significant challenge for communications service providers and contributes to poor service quality if not addressed properly.

The JDSU ONT-based SyncE solution is an  industry first solution to provide jitter and wander measurements according to ITU-T standards. The all-in-one solution offers accurate jitter and wander testing in a single unit for 1G and 10G Ethernet network deployments. It also delivers verification testing in the lab and can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot timing issues in the field following deployment.

“We’ve taken jitter and wander measurement techniques that have been proven for years and applied them to synchronized Ethernet for 1G and 10G for the first time,” said Dr. Lars Friedrich, vice president and general manager, JDSU Communications Test and Measurement business segment. “In order to roll out LTE and mobile backhaul, synchronous Ethernet is a critical element that every communications service provider and network equipment manufacturer needs to take into account. The ONT SyncE test solution enables them to avoid service-impacting issues in the field before deploying these services.”

JDSU has a strong history of supporting the development and deployment of synchronous Ethernet networks. The company’s contributions include helping to shape the ITU-T standard that has defined SyncE testing specifications. The ONT SyncE test solution helps manufacturers and operators to ensure that network equipment complies with ITU-T standards.

JDSU will showcase the solution at the OFC tradeshow at booth #1403 on March 4-8 in Los Angeles. To learn more about JDSU LTE/4G solutions please visit www.jdsu.com/lte.

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