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Mavenir Announces Trio of Products to Rapidly Launch Voice over LTE Services

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Richardson, TX - May 13, 2011 — Mavenir Systems, the leading innovator of mobile infrastructure solutions for LTE operators, today announced the VoLTE Edition of its mOne. Convergence Platform. Available now, the Mavenir mOne. Convergence Platform ¡V VoLTE Edition provides operators with three options for quickly and cost-effectively deploying voice and messaging services over LTE.

Currently, some LTE operators are planning to support voice using the Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) standard with plans to migrate to the VoLTE standard to support Multimedia Telephony (MMTEL) services, while others plan to deploy MMTEL directly. Either way, operators face deployment challenges such as MSC upgrades, service parity and other operational complexities, affecting their ability to launch LTE services quickly and evolve their network to support multiple options.

Mavenir's mOne. Convergence Platform ¡V VoLTE Edition provides operators with a trio of products for overcoming deployment challenges:

* The CSFB Inter Working Function (CSFB IWF) product enables the delivery of voice and SMS to CSFB devices, without requiring any changes to the existing Mobile Switching Center (MSC). This eliminates major operational complexities resulting in reduced costs, faster service availability and better user experience.
* The MSC based Telephony Application Server (TAS) leverages an operator¡¦s existing MSC and all its services in an IMS environment to deliver voice to VoLTE compliant devices. It allows operators to rapidly launch VoLTE without incurring major network upgrade costs. The solution was previously announced in a partnership with Acme Packet to deliver mobile services over Wi-Fi or broadband devices.
* The Mobile TAS solution delivers MMTEL services to VoLTE compliant devices, to support enhanced voice and video services in an all-IP domain. The Mavenir Mobile TAS supports native Intelligent Network (IN) services and integrated Mobility Application Server to help mobile operators preserve critical revenue generating features such as prepaid, ring back tones and mobility.

"Mavenir's approach minimizes the cost, complexity and time to market for LTE services, expands LTE operators¡¦ revenue opportunities and enhances their competitive position. Multiple operators have deployed our products in anticipation of voice capable LTE devices and service launch." said Pardeep Kohli, president and chief executive officer of Mavenir Systems. "Mavenir's solution gives LTE operators the best of both worlds: the ability to capture the market for broadband data services while catering to users who value voice and SMS."

The Mavenir mOne. Convergence Platform is a common foundation that adapts as the service evolves, simplifying the operator's network transformation. Deployment can start with the option that is feasible or practical to launch services immediately, and a simple software upgrade to MMTEL is available whenever the operator is ready.
At the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam, Mavenir will be speaking on VoLTE deployments. Contact marketing@mavenir.com to set up appointments or visit at the Chill Out Zone A14.

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