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Mavenir launches European LTE Centre of Excellence to support recent VoLTE/RCS wins in Europe

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Richardson, TX and Cologne, Germany – January 29, 2013 – Mavenir Systems, a leading provider of software-based networking solutions, today announced that it has launched a European VoLTE/RCS Centre of Excellence in Cologne, Germany. The Centre will support the deployment of VoLTE and RCS solutions to European mobile operators implementing new technologies based on the 4G LTE standards.  Mavenir also recently announced the launch of the world’s first VoLTE and RCS 5 networks.

“2012 was an eventful year for the mobile industry with the commercial launch of VoLTE and the very latest version of RCS.  These developments herald the dawn of a new era in mobile communications and mark the beginning of a major phase of network investment and transformation as we move towards an all-IP infrastructure,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO Mavenir Systems. “The challenge for operators implementing LTE is being able to deliver services seamlessly to their customers using both 3G and 4G without affecting the consumer experience.”  

Kohli continued, “at Mavenir, we have gained valuable experience in managing that change and we believe that the evolution of voice, video and messaging services is leading towards RCS 5.  Major network decisions are being made in this context, and we’re proud to have been selected by two of the top four mobile operators in Europe to provide our solutions in multiple networks in Europe.”

The Centre of Excellence in Germany is an expansion of the company’s European presence, which is already anchored by its EMEA headquarters in Reading, UK, providing the size and distribution capability to scale for the acceleration in the number of 4G deployments expected in the next two years.  The Centre has already attracted key talent and will enable the company to provide a dedicated team with skills and experience in the IMS core and voice, video and messaging for 2G, 3G and 4G.

Mavenir’s proven IMS expertise and experience in solving network transformation issues is a key enabler in the rapid delivery of IP-based voice, video, rich communications and enhanced messaging services in 2013.  

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