Mobilicity selects Reverb Networks Self-Optimizing Network (SON) for Nationwide Deployment in Canada

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Reverb Networks’ fully automated Self-Optimizing Network (SON) system to be deployed nationwide across leading Canadian 3G/4G mobile network

Toronto, Ontario, & Sterling, Virginia, September 30, 2014: Mobilicity, one of Canada’s leading mobile network operators, has selected Reverb Network’s Self-Optimizing Network (SON) system for nationwide installation. The centralized Reverb Networks SON system will be deployed in five major cities across Canada, helping to improve customer experience and reduce daily operational costs.

Mobilicity offers unlimited mobile service coverage within five major urban areas in Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Mobilicity also offers nationwide wireless service, covering 95 percent of the Canadian population.

One of Mobilicity’s philosophies is that Canadians deserve an affordable wireless experience that delivers more freedom and flexibility. The Reverb Self-Optimizing Network technology is expected to help deliver that experience to Canadian consumers.

"We are delighted that Mobilicity has chosen to install Reverb’s Self-Optimizing Network system in the five major population centers of Canada,” said Zoran Kehler, Reverb Networks CEO. “Reverb has worked closely with Mobilicity to understand their specific needs and requirements over many months, including long-term live network tests, and this agreement is the result of a strong technical performance.”

Reverb’s SON system is a fully automatic, software-based SON that works with both 3G and 4G networks. Reverb’s Self-Optimizing Network system is strongly focused on ensuring reliable live network performance. Reverb has also recently demonstrated the ability to predict network demand and respond by re-configuring the network before customers experience any impact.

Reverb’s SON system has been evaluated on Mobilicity’s live network, and has proven its reliability while providing better customer experience. A stable and controllable network system is paramount for Mobilicity, and Reverb’s InteliSON system is expected to help deliver more control, as well as reduce the daily cost of running the network across Canada.

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