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Polaris Networks and Telum announce successful completion of IOT between their NetEPC (LTE EPC) and LTE Small Cell

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San Jose, California, May 21 , 2014 - Polaris Networks, a leading provider of LTE EPC to Public Safety, Rural Operators and Defence, and Telum, a Russian leader in LTE small cell solutions, today announced successful completion of inter-operability tests between Polaris’ LTE Packet Core, NetEPC™ and Telum’s LTE Ranberry™ picocell line. 

The successful completion of the IOT between the two products now enables both the companies to offer a complete LTE Solution, comprising of the RAN and the EPC, to Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) , System Integrators, and Vertical Markets (Government, Utilities, Transportation, Mining, Public Safety and Defence). 

The Polaris NetEPCTM is a compact EPC-in-a-box solution (EPC Lite) which combines all the key elements of the 3GPP defined Evolved Packet Core – the MME, the SGW and the PGW along with the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS into a single platform. NetEPCTM solution’s flexible and scalable architecture makes it a good fit for wide variety of networks, both commercial and private. NetEPCTM is available on various COTS hardware platforms, ranging from single-board computers (SBC) to high availability MicroTCA/ATCA platforms, and can thereby meets diverse requirements with respect to portability, scalability, redundancy for different kind of networks. 

Telum’s RanberryTM small cell products provide full featured 3GPP LTE base station in extremely compact integrated form factor. RanberryTM small cell solution is unique in its ability to provide high-grade radio access network performance with minimum radio planning and human intervention. Telum self-organizing network (SON) controller implements patent-pending self-organization algorithms including ANR, PCI selection, ICIC, MRO, MLB resulting in substantial cell average and cell edge throughput improvement in large, dense and mobile small cell deployments. Equipped with advanced scheduler, RRM and SON, Telum brings unmatched quality of service level increasing customer's satisfaction and operator's revenues. 

 “We find successful completion of inter-operability tests as a good factor for marketability enhancement of our products”, said Pavel Boyko, CEO Telum LLC. “Today’s clients from different sectors are demanding integrated turnkey solutions that we will provide together with Polaris. We believe that collaboration with Polaris will open for our companies new opportunities worldwide.” 

“We are pleased to collaborate with Telum. Our target customers from defence, public safety, vertical markets (Mining, Transportation etc.) and MNO segments would now have more option to build end to end LTE networks using the NetEPC” said Aditya Saraf, VP Marketing and Sales, Polaris Networks. “This LTE small cell and EPC solution is ready to be commercially deployed. We look forward to work with Telum jointly to serve our target market segments.” 

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