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PoLTE Brings Advanced LTE Location-technology to Mobile World Congress 2017

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Technology generates precise location of mobile and IoT devices using LTE signals

DALLAS, February 22, 2017 – PoLTE Corporation today announced it will be showcasing its breakthrough, next-generation location technology, Positioning over LTE (PoLTE) during Mobile World Congress 2017.  PoLTE delivers the ubiquitous and persistent real-time location of LTE-enabled mobile and IoT devices, seamlessly indoors and outdoors.

With the numerous deficiencies of WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when tracking LTE devices, PoLTE can geolocate 4G and 5G devices anywhere, at any time leveraging only the native cellular signals that already exist between an LTE device and the mobile operator’s existing network. PoLTE makes this possible through the use of advanced radar location techniques to transform reference signals embedded in an LTE transmission into precise location. PoLTE is able to achieve superior performance through the patented use of super resolution algorithms, which can provide upwards of 10 times the resolution or location accuracy as compared to legacy approaches.  This ultimately provides a complete and cohesive view of a device’s location – inside or outside – all without the need for mobile network operators to add costly location infrastructure or for venue owners to significantly increase the density of their Wi-Fi networks or deploy costly purpose-built Bluetooth location solutions. Furthermore, PoLTE’s technology ensures user privacy through the inherent security of the LTE network.

“Location has quickly become one of the most important pieces of our highly mobile world, becoming even more critical with the continued proliferation of LTE devices,” said Russ Markhovsky, CEO of PoLTE Corp. “There is no longer a need for mobile network operators or enterprises to attempt to stitch together a quilt of WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS technologies when they can simply use our Positioning over LTE technology that leverages existing LTE infrastructure and native cellular signals. This provides a massive total-cost-of-ownership advantage and accelerates the time-to-market for in-building location, IoT and M2M applications services, without the risk of upfront investment.”

PoLTE provides a new level of positioning accuracy not previously achieved with other cellular technologies, capable of tracking any LTE-enabled device across multiple implementations, indoors or outside as users and devices traverse macro, micro, and small cells. Additionally, by working in conjunction with the existing LTE networks, users no longer need to deal with the hassle and security concerns of connecting to new Bluetooth or WiFi-based networks and instead can have confidence that their mobile network operators have them protected.

“We expect to see this technology enable a host of new service offerings in the future as we have already begun working with top operators, LTE chip manufacturers and device OEM’s around the world. The availability of precise and accurate real-time location data opens the door for many exciting new products and services.  We are particularly excited that the technology will aid the quest for autonomous vehicles, as PoLTE works in GPS challenged environments such as the urban canyons of our cities” added Markhovsky.

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