Tekelec’s Diameter Signaling Router Critical Component for Nationwide LTE Network

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Morrisville, NC (Tuesday, June 21, 2011) — Mobile broadband solutions company Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC) has been selected by a U.S. tier-one operator to supply key Diameter signaling technology for its nationwide LTE network. Diameter is the signaling protocol used predominantly in operators’ all-data networks for policy, charging, mobility management and IMS functions.

The operator will deploy Tekelec’s Diameter Signaling Router (DSR), which supports Diameter scaling needs for up to hundreds of millions of subscribers. In addition, the DSR will centralize network routing data and help manage subscriber profile information. Tekelec’s DSR provides up to 500,000 Diameter messages per second (MPS) in a single frame, including redundancy.

The DSR gives the operator the ability to manage the expected rapid increase of LTE subscribers’ requests for applications and data. By centrally routing all requests through the DSR, the operator adds network efficiency and the ability to adjust network resources based on evolving subscriber usage. Frost & Sullivan recognized Tekelec in March with the “New Product Innovation Award, Diameter Routing” for the DSR’s superior ability to help operators overcome Diameter signaling challenges in LTE networks.

"The Diameter Signaling Router ensures that our customers can scale their mobile data networks and make the most efficient use of their resources as their subscriber base and traffic grow,” said Ron de Lange, president and CEO at Tekelec. "A win of this magnitude further validates our product's ability to address critical issues in LTE networks."

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