Test Solutions to Ensure Operation of Public Safety Networks On Display in Anritsu Company’s APCO Booth

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2012-08-20 - At APCO 2012, Anritsu Company (booth #1604), a world leader in wireless test instrumentation, will showcase test solutions that help ensure the operation of radios and wireless networks used by public safety and first responders at the federal, state, and local levels. Among the products to be shown is the MD8475A signaling tester, which supports Band 14 application development to help speed time-to-market of applications designed for LTE public safety networks in the 700 MHz “D Block.” The industry-leading LMR Master™ S412E handheld analyzer for deployment, installation, and maintenance of mission critical systems, and the MS2830A signal analyzer, which can conduct P25 Phase 2 signal analysis on public safety radios, will also be on display in Anritsu’s APCO booth.

Anritsu became one of the first test and measurement companies to provide Public Safety Band 14 LTE device testing by leveraging its leadership position in commercial LTE. The MD8475A, part of Anritsu’s broad portfolio of LTE device test solutions that supports Band 14 application development, is a compact Windows 7-based analyzer capable of emulating two base stations or an LTE 2x2 MIMO downlink. A flexible platform allows the analyzer to support LTE, W-CDMA/HSPA+, GSM/(E)-GPRS, and CDMA2000.

For voice call testing, both Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and circuit-switched calls are supported, with circuit-switched fallback (CSFB) support for LTE to 2G and 3G. End-to-end application testing is supported by the MD8475A, with the capability to install user-supplied servers inside the analyzer or to connect external servers. Additionally, Anritsu’s SmartStudio GUI provides easy graphical control of the MD8475A.

Covering 500 kHz to 6 GHz with options, the S412E LMR Master is the only field portable instrument supporting both LTE and LMR modulation analysis. It is a compact, handheld, multi-function instrument specifically developed for field technicians and engineers responsible for commissioning, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and compliance of public safety, utility, and private mobile communications systems. It features an NBFM (analog) mode that analyzes carrier frequency, carrier power, deviation, Quieting, SINAD, and occupied bandwidth, as well as an NBFM Auto Scan to locate and lock onto transmitter carriers. P25, NXDN, and DMR2 modes offer standard BER test platforms, including 1011 Hz, 1031 Hz, and 0.153/V.52. The S412E standard configuration includes an industry-leading spectrum analyzer with DANL of -152 dBm (10 Hz RBW), plus cable and antenna analysis using a two-port VNA with 100 dB of transmission dynamic range for alignment and analysis of cavity filters, duplexers, and combiners.

Anritsu will demonstrate how the MS2830A can capture a block of RF transmissions, and modify and retransmit them to create real-world test scenarios. In the demonstration, the MS2830A, while in a vector signal analyzer mode, will capture a 100 kHz spectrum block signal. It will then be switched to vector signal generator mode with AWGN to replay the signal into a variety of P25 Phase 2 radios to verify their performance. The MS2830A will generate wanted and interfering signals or time delayed multipath signals to simulate real-world environments using Anritsu’s IQ Producer Multi-Carrier software.

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