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U.S. Tier One Service Provider Selects Tekelec To Expand New Diameter Network

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Morrisville, NC (Monday, February 20, 2012) - A U.S. tier one LTE operator selected mobile broadband solutions company Tekelec to expand its new Diameter network. The service provider will implement two new Tekelec Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) systems, in addition to the one announced in June 2011.

With the two new DSR systems, the service provider will be able to:

  • Efficiently manage subscriber profile information and network databases. The DSR centralizes subscriber routing data and dynamically maps identification information, such as an MSISDN or IMSI, with the correct IMS Home Subscriber Server (HSS). Tekelec’s approach gives the service provider flexibility to move subscribers between databases and update databases when a new IMS HSS is added to the network, supporting future Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment.
  • Deliver innovative services. The DSR will provide the policy Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) function which supports the network-wide binding of subscriber sessions to policy engines, required for one policy server to track a subscriber’s multiple services, such as application usage and web browsing. This will allow the service provider to deliver new services requiring advanced usage tracking such as shared data plans.
  • Ease the signaling storm. Intelligent routing of policy messages reduces network signaling, helping to minimize the risk to the network from unexpected congestion events.
  • Scale policy deployments. The Diameter Signaling Router will efficiently scale nationwide policy deployments by managing signaling messages across a variety of interfaces.

“This new business from a large U.S. service provider demonstrates the strategic value of the new Diameter network,” said Doug Suriano, CTO at Tekelec. “Tekelec's Diameter Signaling Router provides the scalability, reliability and flexibility required to rapidly deliver mobile data services and manage signaling traffic growth.”

Industry analysis firm Infonetics Research recently named Tekelec as the “front runner” of the Diameter signaling control market.

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