ZyXEL’s indoor and outdoor LTE products drew the audience at Mobile World Congress

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24 March 2015 – ZyXEL’s Mobile World Congress booth attracted large numbers of visitors due to its powerful range of LTE devices. 

The company used the event to unveil its optimal value LTE CPE portfolio featuring its new LTE3300 and LTE7400 series devices with exceptional wireless broadband access both indoors and outdoors. Over 20% more people visited the booth than in previous years, many having been drawn by the wide range of products highlighted as award winners in the Taiwan Excellence Awards press conference on the first day of the event.

“Many of our first-time visitors had no idea of the broad range of products we have,” commented Greg Pannell, senior Business development Manager at ZyXEL. “Our brand is continuously growing and customers are becoming more aware that we have an all-embracing portfolio that covers a wide range of segments, including fixed and mobile access, CPEs, Digital Home products and others.”

Responding to today’s ever-increasing demands for seamless wireless communication, including high-definition video streaming, conference calls and many more, ZyXEL’s LTE CPEs adopt the advanced LTE technology (3GPP release 9, category 4) and can achieve downlink/uplink speeds up to 150/50 Mbps.

From indoor to outdoor use, ZyXEL’s new LTE3300 and LTE7400 series enable service providers to deliver fast and reliable wireless access to any locations with FDD-LTE coverage, whether they are looking for a single-mode (LTE only) or multi-mode (LTE + 3G/2G) device. Additionally, some TDD-LTE bands such as former CDMA (450MHz) and WiMAX (3500MHz) are also supported, paving the way for smooth migration to LTE.

Tomas Kotis, LTE Business Development Manager at ZyXEL Communications said: “Major service providers have already deployed LTE networks and more and more pressure is on second and third tier providers to follow. ZyXEL is happy to be entering a market where a vast number of service providers are looking for an alternative quality supplier.”

By introducing a LTE portfolio which covers not only indoors but also outdoors, ZyXEL is one of the few leaders to provide a comprehensive set of devices and features at competitive prices, offering a real alternative with customization and extensive local support.

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