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Radio Resource Control (RRC)

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RRC protocol layer exists in UE & eNodeb, It is part of LTE air interface control plane. The main services and functions of the RRC sublayer include:

  • Broadcast of System Information related to the non-access stratum (NAS);
  • Broadcast of System Information related to the access stratum (AS);
  • Paging;
  • Establishment, maintenance and release of an RRC connection between the UE and E-UTRAN
  • Security functions including key management;
  • Establishment, configuration, maintenance and release of point to point Radio Bearers;
  • Mobility functions
  • QoS management functions;
  • UE measurement reporting and control of the reporting;
  • NAS direct message transfer to/from NAS from/to UE.

Protocol specification

3GPP TS 36.331 - Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); Radio Resource Control (RRC)

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