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Clearwire announces plan to add LTE network

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WiMAX service provider, Clearwire has announced its plan to add "LTE Advanced-ready" technology to its 4G network.

Sprint, Clearwire sign $1 Billion deal

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Sprint Nextel and Clearwire have established a new wholesale pricing terms that provides Clearwire a minimum of $1 billion from Sprint to be paid during 2011 and 2012 f

Clearwire Updates on LTE

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Clearwire CTO John Saw says carrier needs more time to understand the capabilities of LTEi and doesn't see WiMax 2 trial on the horizon

Clearwire Names Chairman John Stanton as Interim CEO

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WiMAX service provider Clearwire has announced changes to the company’s executive leadership team.

Verizon vs. Clearwire: A 4G Comparison

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After much industry speculation Verizon Wireless finally commercially launched its LTE network on December 5th, 2010.

Update: State of LTE in USA

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MetroPCS launched LTE services in Las Vegas in September this year and became first USA operator to offer commercial LTE services.

Clearwire: Strong 4G Growth but Little Cash

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Clearwire reported its Q3 2010 financial earnings last week, and they surpassed our expectations.

Clearwire in talks with T-Mobile USA

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WiMAX service provider Clearwire is reviewing its funding options from company such as T-Mobile USA or money from a wireless spectrum sale.

Clearwire Launches Rover Pre Paid 4G Service

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Clearwire has launched Rover, a pre paid mobile broadband service which works on company's 4G WiMAX network. The Rover brand is mainly designed to attract young adults.

Clearwire to start FDD/TDD LTE Trials

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Clearwire has announced plans to test Test both FDD LTE and TDD LTE in US. In addition Clearwire  will test multiple coexistence scenarios between LTE and WiMAX as well.

Clearwire offers WiFi iSpot

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Clearwire has introduced a new WiFi hotspot for Apple devices to provide 4G network speeds via WiFi connectivity.

Clearwire adds more markets

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Clearwire has announced the availability of it's 4G wiMAX services in new markets in four states. 

Best Buy to offer mobile internet service using Clearwire's WiMAX network

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Best Buy Connect & Clearwire have have entered in a partnership in which Best Buy will use Clearwire's WiMAX network to offer mobile internet service to customers under the Best Buy Connect ser

Funambol Introduces Commercial Open Source Mobile Device Management for WiMAX

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The open source mobile cloud sync company, Funambol has introduced Funambol DM Carrier Edition, a commercial open source device management solution for WiMAX. 

Clearwire Sells Stake In Irish WiMax Network

in News, Clearwire, Imagine Communications, 4G, WiMAX

Clearwire has sold majority of its Irish WiMAX operations to Imagine Communications Group.