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Elisa Launches Commercial 5G Network in Finland

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Finnish operator Elisa has announced the launch of commercial 5G network and has started selling 5G subscriptions. The company has started 5G services in Tampere and Tallinn. The operator is claiming to be the first operator to launch 5G services across the globe.

Broadcom and NSN Demonstrate Category 6 LTE-Advanced on Elisa's Network

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Broadcom Corporation, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) have demonstrated LTE Advanced (LTE-A) carrier aggregation Category 6 (Cat 6) data rates of 300 Mbps on a live commercial network of Finnish operator Elisa.

Elisa Selects NSN for LTE Network in Finland

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Finland's wireless operator Elisa has chosen Nokia Solutions and Networks as supplier for its next-generation mobile broadband networks. The contract covers a period of 5 years from 2014 to 2018.

Elisa Switches on LTE Network in 800 MHz Band

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Estonia's mobile operator Elisa has launched its LTE services on 800 MHz band spectrum. The operator launched nationwide LTE services immediately after receiving the license to use the spectrum from the regulator Technical Surveillance Authority. 

Elisa picks Nokia Siemens Networks for LTE rollout

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Finland’s mobile network operator Elisa has selected Nokia Siemens Networks for first phase LTE rollout, 3G expansions and upgrades as well as GSM modernization.

Elisa opens corporate LTE network in Finland

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Elisa has announced the launch of corporate 4G LTE network in Espoo, Finland.

Elisa’s LTE network enables speed up to 100 Mbps in Finland

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Elisa and Nokia Siemens Networks have started  a 4G LTE network at the beginning of this year in Finland for pre-commercial use.

Finnish operator Elisa pickes Nokia Siemens Networks for LTE

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Nokia Siemens Networks has been picked by Finnish mobile operator Elisa to supply LTE network equipment for the first phase of its network.