TeliaSonera and Ericsson to Develop and Test Selected 5G Use-cases and Services

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TeliaSonera and Ericsson plan to develop 5G use-cases and service scenarios, including both communication and Internet of Things (IoT) services with the purpose to address new business opportunities. The partnership will bring 5G services to customers in 2018 by combining the TeliaSonera network with Ericsson technology.

LMT Launches LTE-Advanced Services in Latvia

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Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) has announced introduction of 4G+ or LTE Advanced to double the data transfer speeds on mobile phones and router. Operator is offering 4G+ with utilization of two communication frequencies.

TeliaSonera's LTE Network Covers 95% of Territory in Estonia

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TeliaSonera’s subsidiary EMT has exapanded its LTE network in Estonia. It's LTE network now covers 95% of territory in country. EMT had launched LTE network in 2010.

TeliaSonera Wins 800 MHz Spectrum in Estonia

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TeliaSonera has secured frequencies in the 800 MHz band in Estonia in a contest arranged by the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority. Operator won 2 x 10 MHz frequencies in the 800 MHz band. According to operator, the 800 MHz frequencies will enable a faster roll-out of 4G services in Estonian rural areas. 

Yoigo to Launch LTE Services in Spain

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TeliaSonera’s subsidiary Yoigo will launch 4G LTE services in Spain in July. The commercial launch of the 4G network for contract customers will be held on July 18 in Madrid with 405 base stations, more cities to be added later this year. 

TeliaSonera Celebrates Three Years of 4G LTE in Sweden

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Telia 4G

TeliaSonera's 4G network is now three year old. Operator launched first commercial 4G LTE in Stockholm and Oslo on 14 December 2009. Since 2009, TeliaSonera has expanded its network across the country and now covers almost 700 cities throughout Sweden. Earlier last fall, operator completed two years of Gothenburg and Malmö's 4G network.

Moldcell Opens LTE Network for Tests

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Moldova's mobile service provider, Moldcell has launched a 4G testing area at Moldcell cafe, located in capital, within a few days after obtaining its 4G license. Operator is inviting all those interested to test the LTE functionality using different terminals.

TeliaSonera Expands LTE Network to 50 cities in Finland

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TeliaSonera's LTE network now operates in nearly 50 cities in Finland. During the fall, operator introduced LTE in Kajaani, Kokkola, Kotka, Lappeenranta, Naantali, Rauma, Salo and Savonlinna.

Omnitel expands LTE coverage in Lithuania

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Omnitel, TeliaSonera's subsidiary in Lithuania, has expanded its LTE network coverage to most of the territory of Kaunas and the capital of the northern and western dis

EMT to expand LTE coverage to 70% of population in Estonia

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TeliaSonera’s subsidiary, the mobile operator EMT in Estonia,  plans to extend LTE coverage to 70 percent of the country's population.

Tommy Ljunggren, VP System Development - Mobility Services, Teliasonera

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Tommy Ljunggren, VP System Development - Mobilityi Services at Teliasonera discusses his thoughts at 2011's LTEi World Summit in Amsterdam

TeliaSonera expands LTE coverage in Sweden

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TeliaSonera's 4G LTE services are now available in 161 cities around Sweden. Last week, Telia opened 4G network in eight new locations.

TeliaSonera & Tele2 win new LTE frequencies in Sweden

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TeliaSonera  and Tele2 have been awarded new LTE frequencies in the 1800 MHz frequency band by Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS).

TeliaSonera launches comercial LTE in Lithuania

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TeliaSonera has launched the first commercial LTE service in Lithuania and to customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys.

Epitiro tests TeliaSonera's LTE network

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Fixed and mobile broadband analysis specialist, Epitiro has completed an independent speed, latency and voice quality-of-experience analysis of TeliaSonera Finland’s 4G