Sprint and T-Mobile in merger talk?

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Sprint and T-Mobile are in merger talk according to a report from Bloomberg.

T-Mobile USA explains 4G strategy

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CEO Philipp Humm's management team at T-Mobile USA intends to bring about a decisive improvement in the company's operations and gain market share with its challenger s

Update: State of LTE in USA

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MetroPCS launched LTE services in Las Vegas in September this year and became first USA operator to offer commercial LTE services.

T-Mobile Sticks with 4G HSPA+

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T-Mobile says that it's HSPA+-Enabled 4G Network Now Reaches Over 75 Metropolitan Markets throughout the United States.

Clearwire in talks with T-Mobile USA

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WiMAX service provider Clearwire is reviewing its funding options from company such as T-Mobile USA or money from a wireless spectrum sale.

Walmart launches Wireless Service Brand using T-Mobile network

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Walmart has announced the launch of Walmart Family Mobile, a post-paid plan without a contract or multi-year commitment.

T-Mobile USA to offer 42 Mbps HSPA+ in 2011

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Yesterday T-Mobile USA announced the continued expansion of its HSPA+ network to 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas.

T-Mobile G2 Coming Soon

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T-Mobile has announced upcoming smartphone, G2, the first phone to support it's HSPA+ data network.

T-Mobile HSPA+ upgrades going on, LTE on horizon

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T-Mobile, USA is offering HSPA+ services in almost 50 major metropolitan areas now (claiming 4G speeds) and its first HSPA+ smartphone is planned for this summer (rumored Android device from HTC).<

Sprint considering LTE, might merge with T-Mobile

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Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse has said that the company is considering a technology switch to LTE according to Financial Times.

USA: State Of LTE

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It has been a long wait for another commercial LTE launch after last year's TeliaSonera launch.

WiMAX, 3G, HSPA+ Data Test Results are out

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As Sprint launches America's first 4G phone today (see my prvious blog What to expect from Sprint HTC Evo 4G?

T-Mobile says 4G, AT&T says misleading

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T-Mobile USA recently announced continued expansion and availability of its HSPA+ super-fast mobile broadband network that delivers 4G speeds in the Northeastern U.S.


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T-Mobile USA, had announced at begining of this year that its 3G upgrade of its current network is complete and it is beginning its own effort to deploy 4G (via HSPA+, then LTE).

T-Mobile Austria tests LTE stick

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T-Mobile together with Samsung Austria can now demonstrate the first market-ready LTE stick, which is the same size as the current mobile Internet sticks, in a live network," says DI Robert Chvátal