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Small Cell Forum Announces 2013 Award Winners

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Small Cell Forum

The Small Cell Forum has announced the winners of the Small Cell Forum Industry Awards 2013. The awards recognize outstanding achievement within, and contributions to, the small cell industry. SK Telecom and Vodafone Group bagged awards in multiple categories.

LTE- Advanced: It's Closer Than You Think

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As the UK and Europe commits to 4G (LTE) technology, its successor LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) is already waiting in the wings to deliver the equivalent of a fixed-line broadband experience to the end user, promising peak data rates of around 3 Gbps.

Latest Status & Update of LTE Advanced

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Originally, when the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) determined what was considered 4G, LTE, WiMAX, and HSPA+ did not make the cut. However, operators began using ‘4G’ term for LTE WiMAX and HSPA+ as they started commercial roll outs, making ITU to reconsider its position.

Evolution to LTE in EMEA will require Sophisticated Diameter Signalling

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Trends in Europe, Middle East and Africa all point in the same direction, as operators know that brand innovation relies on the speed at which they adopt LTE. Concurrent to LTE investments should be investments in ‘Diameter’ signalling infrastructure – critical behind-the-scenes communications necessary to make LTE succeed.

VoLTE – 4G’s Next Big Test

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Paul Beaver, Products Director at wireless device testing company, Anite

Global LTE deployments are continuing to rise and the technology is gaining ever more market recognition. However, LTE currently possesses a key limitation that the industry is actively looking to resolve – the issue of voice. As it stands, LTE networks can only support data and are incapable of handling voice calls.

Future 3GPP Radio Access Technologies

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3GPP Release 12 Workshop

Earlier this month 3GPP held a 3GPP RAN Workshop on Release 12 and onwards to identify common requirements for future 3GPP radio access technologies. 3GPP Workshop was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 11-12, 2012 and had 246 participants.

United Mobile Apps Raises $1M In Series A Funding

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United Mobile

United Mobile Apps, a Bangalore, India based startup has raised series A funding of $1 million, led by Mumbai Angels. Company plans to use this funding to focus on 4G LTE Technology and also to scale up its employee count in the next few months.

SmartCell to ease access, backhaul, and core capacity pressures

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SmartCell 8800 AP

The rapid increase of mobile data services, driven by smartphones and tablets, has accelerated data-traffic growth to the point where macro cellular networks are no longer sufficient to meet subscriber demand in many high-density settings.

Motorola & Verizon launch LTE DROID XYBOARD Tablets

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Motorola Mobility has released two new DROID XYBOARD tablets for Verizon Wireless LTE network.

Is Apple Testing LTE iPhone?

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since last week one after another web pages are being filled with expectation that next iPhone will support LTE.

LTE maintains momentum, becomes fastest growing mobile technology

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Since first commercial deployment in December 2009 and slow progress in first half of 2010, 4G LTE has become fastest growing mobile technology.

Huawei & ZTE sue each other over LTE patents

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First Huawei filed lawsuits in Germany, France, and Hungary against ZTE for patent and trade mark infringement on the basis that ZTE is infringing a series of Huawei’s

LG Revolution at FCC, ready for Verizon

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LG’s upcoming LTE Android phone for Verizon, LG Revolution, has reached to the FCC. According to details available at FCC, LG-VS910 supports both CDMA & LTE at air tnterface.

Verizon to launch unlimited LTE data plans?

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Verizon Wire

Verizon iPhone 4 expected tomorrow

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Verizon Wireless is expected to officially announce on Tuesday that it will start to sell the popular iPhone.