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Verizon and Motorola announce DROID™ BIONIC LTE smartphone

in Blog, Motorola, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, 4G, LTE

Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility have unveiled DROID BIONIC, a powerful new Android smartphone.

LTE iPhone right after Christmas on Verizon?

in Blog, iPhone, Verizon, LTE

LTE iPhone is rumored to be launched on Verizon LTE/CDMA networks right after Christmas.

MetroPCS to launch Android LTE phone in Q1 2011

in Blog, Android, MetroPCS, LTE

MetroPCS plans to release a Android-based LTE smartphone in the first quarter of 2011. Last month MetroPCS launched It's first Android smartphone LG Optimus M(TM).

NEC Eyes Femtocell Market in India

in Blog, India, NEC, 3G, Femtocell

Earlier this week NEC announced the launch of 3G Femtocell solution in India to enable operators to offer high-quality, high-speed 3G mobile services to its enterprise

T-Mobile Sticks with 4G HSPA+

in Blog, AT&T, HSPA+, T-Mobile, 4G, LTE

T-Mobile says that it's HSPA+-Enabled 4G Network Now Reaches Over 75 Metropolitan Markets throughout the United States.

4G WORLD: Craig Miller, VP at Sequans

in Blog, Sequans, 4G, LTE, WiMAX

Chipmaker Sequans unveiled its latest Mobile WiMAX solution at 4G World, the SQN1280, an all-in-one WiMAX system-in-package (SIP) for makers of handsets, tablets, USB sticks, portable hotspots, M2M

iPhone on Verizon in 2011

in Blog, iPhone, LTE

Apple will begin producing an Verizon iPhone by the end of the year says Wall Street Journal.

LTE may interfere with cable TV

in Blog, Report, LTE

According to a new report, LTE handsets will interfere with cable TV if used within six metres of a set top box.

HTC: LTE phone next year

in Blog, HTC, LTE

HTC plans to release an LTE phone next year, according to the company's CEO Peter Chou.

4G LTE Mobile Samsung Craft Commercially Available

in Blog, MetroPCS, Samsung, 4G, LTE

MetroPCS has introduced first commercially available 4G LTE enabled handset, the Samsung Craft with it's commercial LTE launch in Las Vegas.

AT&T LTE Launch by Mid-2011

in Blog, AT&T, LTE

AT&T plans to launch its LTE network around the middle of next year and will cover some 70-75 million people by the end of 2011. 

11.9 million new 3GPP mobile (UMTS-HSPA) subscriptions in Q2 2010 throughout the Americas

in Blog, GSM, HSPA, UMTS

According to 3G Americas, 3GPP mobile (UMTS-HSPA) subscriptions  represnts 73 percent of the total (net) new connections in the mobile industry in North, Central and South America in the secon

Yota's bumpy ride to LTE

in Blog, Russia, Scartel, Yota, LTE

Yota (Scartel) has disabled the first LTE network in Russia LTE, 3 days after it's launch in Kazan.

Huawei, ZTE win Indian contracts following security concerns

in Blog, BSNL, Huawei, India, Tata Teleservices, ZTE, 3G, WiMAX

India's Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) has signed a contract with Huawei to rollout TTSL’s 3G network in India earler this week.

What is WiMAX 2 and what it promises

in Blog, WiMax 2, LTE, WiMAX

With 22 LTE networks expected to be in service by end 2010, further at least 45 by end 2012, WiMAX seems to be running out of favour.