WiMax 2

Achieving Capital and Spectral Efficiency Beyond 4G Standards

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The industry has come a long way towards developing the new platform for ICT communications:

IEEE Approves 4G WiMAX 2

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IEEE Standards Board has approved WiMAX 2 which is also called 802.16m. ITU already has declared WiMAX 2 as 4G technology.

Samsung Demos WiMAX 2 Supporting 330Mbps

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Samsung Electronics and Japan's UQ Communications are demonstrating WiMAX 2 based on IEEE 802.16m with a speed of 330Mbps.

What is WiMAX 2 and what it promises

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With 22 LTE networks expected to be in service by end 2010, further at least 45 by end 2012, WiMAX seems to be running out of favour.

Intel, Samsung Join to Accelerate WiMax 2 Development

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April 12, 2010 - (PC World) Intel late on Sunday said it was collaborating with companies including Samsung and Motorola to develop the next generation of WiMax mobile broadband technology, which w