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Verizon and Motorola announce DROID™ BIONIC LTE smartphone

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Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility have unveiled DROID BIONIC, a powerful new Android smartphone. Motorola is showcasing a portfolio of devices this week at the 2011 International CES show in Las Vegas.

The sleekly designed 4G LTE DROID BIONIC smartphone is packed with dual core processor with each core running at 1GHz, delivering up to two GHz of processing power and has 512 MB RAM. 

With the device’s front-facing VGA camera and See What I See video feature, consumers can share experiences – either via Wi-Fi or 4G – with family, friends and co-workers. A rear-facing 8-megapixel camera also allows consumers to capture their favorite pictures and videos. DROID BIONIC features include 4.3-inch qHD quality screen and HDMI connectivity.

As a fully featured work device, DROID BIONIC comes equipped with corporate email, remote wipe and data security and encryption capabilities. DROID BIONIC also features productivity tools such as Quickoffice® for document review and editing, full calendar management, one-click access to conference calling, and a full suite of Google applications and services.

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