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NEC supplies Scartel with the first commercial LTE microcell base stations in Russia

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Moscow and London, 30 August 2013 - NEC Corporation today announced a new deal between NEC Neva Communications Systems and Russian mobile operator Scartel (Brand;Yota), which will see LTE microcell base stations used to provide commercial services in Russia for the first time(*1).

Scartel to Launch VoLTE in Russia

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Russian mobile service provider Scartel has implemented VoLTE (voice over LTE) with SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) using Huawei's solution. Following implementation of the solution, Scartel is now technologically capable of supporting voice calls on its LTE network.

Yota to launch LTE by 2011

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Russian operator Scartel (Yota) is planning to launch the first LTE base station, in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2011, said company CEO Denis Sverdlov. 

Yota's bumpy ride to LTE

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Yota (Scartel) has disabled the first LTE network in Russia LTE, 3 days after it's launch in Kazan.

Yota's LTE frequencies revoked, LTE plan unchanged

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Russian regulator Roskomnadzor has revoked permission to use some of the frequencies issued to Scartel (brand Yota) to build LTE network reportedly due to violation of the law, according to a repor

MegaFon seeks LTE tests in 2010

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Russian operator MegaFon plans to start LTE tests in Kazan, Russia this year. It will be the second after another operator Scartel, which will test in Kazan.

Scartel and Rostelecom allowed to build LTE on their frequencies

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Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor announced that Russian Wimax operator Scartel and national operator Rostelecom can use their existing radio frequencies for deploying LTE networks.

Yota licence may not support LTE services

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Scartel, under the brand Yota, had announced to drop Wimax in favor of LTE last week. "LTE network is already being planned in Russia" said company CEO Denis Sverdlov.

Scartel to abandon Wimax, aims for LTE

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Scartel, under the brand Yota, will drop Wimax in favor of LTE, according to a report by RT.

LTE network is already being planned in Russia, says company CEO Denis Sverdlov.