At 4G World, Sprint SVP Bob Azzi on Sprint's move to LTE and Lightsquared deal

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RCR Wireless gets a talk at 4G World 2011 with Bob Azzi (SVP Networks, Sprint) on where Sprint is headed with LTEi also the benefits of using Lightsquared's spectrum.

Adding LTE to the portfolio

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Ericsson CTO Hâkan Eriksson talks about rural LTEi, VoLTE and why LTE isn't a migration from 3G so much as a parallel addition to the service portfolio

LTE terminals to be ready before large-scale network rollouts

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Huawei LTEi president Ying Weimin says LTE is now on the fast track in Asia and is optimistic about consumer uptake

TD-LTE Commercialization

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Field Trial in India by Aircel and Nokia Siemens Networks

Backhaul Pioneer Preps for LTE

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Tower Cloud CEO Ron Mudry talks about how his company is delivering backhaul in small cities and rural areas for LTEi and mobile data

UltraSON Feature Mobile Assisted Range Tuning MART

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This video demonstrates the UltraSON™ MART feature in accurately calibrating transmit power of Femtocell and in ensuring minimal impact to outside macro users by periodic power adjustments by learning

Aircel Puts Its LTE Plans In Place

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Aircel's Head of Technology Raj Sharma talks to Light Reading India editor Gagandeep Kaur about the impact of BWA on the operator's transport network plans, the role of machine-to-machine (M2M) apps a

bnetTV interviews GSMA at LTE Asia 2011 Singapore

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Tony Sklar discusses spectrum and policy with Chris Perera from the GSMA during the LTEi Asia 2011 event in Singapore.

2011 North American LTE forum hosted by Rohde&Schwarz

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In 2011, Rohde&Schwarz organized again a two day conference with keynote presentation, speeches as well as technical tracks covering topics dedicated to test and measurement tasks around LTEi and LTE-A

Motorola LTE Services

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Motorola provides a spectrum of offerings for LTEi from professional services through integration and support services and managed services.

ip.access half million femtocell Access Points deployed

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ip.access have recently announced to be powering over half a million 3G Access Points deployed live in homes, offices and mobile network hotspots worldwide.

LTE Over-The-Air Live Demo

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Live Over-The-Air LTEi Advanced test system demo. Multiple Macrocells & Picocells communicating with different devices.

LTE-Advanced Features in LTE PHY Lab™ - Matlab Toolbox Overview

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LTEi PHY Lab™ v.2 is the latest version of our flagship product LTE PHY Lab. It adds functionalities of 3GPPi Release 9 and 10 to functionalities of 3GPP Release 8 introduced by LTE PHY Lab v.1.