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Spectrum Harmonization Impacts on LTE Eco-System

in Video, Webinar, RCR Wireless, LTE

RCR Wireless News Editor-in-Chief Dan Meyer and guests look at current regulatory environment faced by the cellular industry and how governments are interacting with the wireless market in order to better serve increasing consumer appetite for mobile services as well as handling requirements for the public safety space.

Video over LTE - Testing the next step in the end user experience

in Video, Webinar, Rohde & Schwarz, Video over LTE, LTE

This webinar will illustrate how to establish and test an LTEi video transmission link. Additionally, and equally importantly, it will show how the quality of the video transmission links can be measured under real-life propagation conditions and which metrics can be used to accomplish this task.

LTE-A PHY Layer Overview & Femto Design Challenges

in Video, Webinar, LTE-Advanced, Femtocell, LTE

A detailed tutorial overview of the PHY layer procedures, techniques and features in LTEi and their evolution towards LTE-Advanced (Rel. 8-10)

Carriers LTE dilemma: Deploying and managing small cell

in Video, Webinar, Small Cell, LTE

RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar: This webinar will provide insight into the current challenges facing wireless carriers as they look to deploy small cells into their LTE networks.

LTE positioning methods and how to test on terminal receivers

in Video, Webinar, Rohde & Schwarz, LTE

Rohde & Schwarz webinar: LTE Release 9 adds several new features to LTE, such as evolved MBMS (eMBMS), dual-layer beamforming (transmission mode 8) and positioning support. To support network-based positioning estimation, new reference signals known as positioning reference signals (PRS) have been introduced.

LTE Device Ecosystem: Design, Test, Launch and Repair

in Video, Webinar, RCR Wireless, LTE

RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar: The number of LTEi devices is exploding rapidly, from 269 devices in January 2012 to 560 devices produced by 83 suppliers as of November 2012. Getting an LTE smartphone, tablet, or USB modem into users' hands is no simple task, however.

Driving New Revenues with Policy Management and Subscriber Engagement

in Video, Webinar

Openwave Mobilityi Webinar: Policy Decision and Policy Enforcement in mobile data networks is evolving beyond basic blocking and throttling of traffic to enabling advanced use cases and capabilities.

Listen to Openwave Mobility discuss how mobile operators can achieve tangible and measurable increases in ARPU by deploying Policy Engagement.

Maximizing LTE MIMO Throughput Using Drive Test Measurements

in Video, Webinar, MIMO, LTE

MIMOi antenna transmission schemes are critical for unlocking the high data rates achievable through LTEi. A clear understanding of the RF environment, which primarily governs MIMO performance, helps operators to save infrastructure dollars and better optimize their LTE networks.

BroadSoft Webinar: How Mobile Operators Can Monetize Their LTE Investments

in Video, Webinar, BroadSoft, LTE

Moderator: Jeff Mucci, CEO & Editorial Director, RCR Wireless News
Presenter: Michael Blauer, Director of Solutions Product Management, BroadSoft

This webinar will detail key strategies for how mobile operators can start monetizing their LTEi investments immediately.

Optimizing Small Cells for Coverage and Capacity: An End-to-End Approach

in Video, Webinar, JDSU, Small Cell, Femtocell, LTE

JDSU Webinar: Carriers are struggling to keep up with capacity demands while simultaneously increasing coverage. Throwing more spectrum at the problem is expensive, and only part of the solution. Bringing the network closer to users with small cells can help address these problems, but only bridges the gap for today's divide—what about tomorrow?

How to Manage Video Congestion Holistically in a Mobile Network

in Video, Webinar, LTE

Openwave Mobilityi Webinar: Operators must meet the challenge OTT traffic creates for the network and mitigate the negative impacts of congestion especially on video services.

The Changing Shape of the Small Cell Marketplace

in Video, Webinar, Femtocell

This webinar is presented by David Chambers, ThinkSmallCell. It describes the evolution of femtocells into small cells addressing different market segments, and discusses the impact on the ecosystem of vendors and partners.

Evolved MBMS - broadcast and multicast in LTE

in Video, Webinar, eMBMS, Rohde & Schwarz, LTE

Commercial LTEi Release 8 networks have been launched worldwide. The features of 3GPPi Release 9 further enhance LTE. One of the key features in LTE Release 9 is called evolved MBMS. MBMS stands for multimedia broadcast multicast services and enables broadcast and multicast services over a cellular network.

LTE Deployment Webinar

in Video, Webinar, LTE

LTEi introduces many new parameters to the radio network design problem. They come on top of the existing challenge of designing to maximise coverage with the fewest sites while minimising interference.