Automatic Neighbour Relation (ANR)

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Manually provisioning and managing neighbor cells in traditional mobile network is challenging task and it becomes more difficult as new mobile technologies are being rolled out while 2G/3G cells a


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A femto cell is a radio access network element that supports one or more of the GSM/WCDMA family of radio interfaces, operates in a limited geographic area in licensed spectrum, may operate over th

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)

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WiMAX, the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a standard based technology aimed at providing wireless data over long distances in a variety of ways, from point-to-point links to fu

Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA)

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The VoLGA service resembles the 3GPP Generic Access Network (GAN).


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LTE standards are in matured state now with release 8 frozen. While LTE Advanced is still under works.

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

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LTE (Long Term Evolution) is initiated by 3GPP to improve the mobile phone standard to cope with future technology evolutions and needs. 3GPP work on the Evolution of the 3G Mobile System started with the RAN Evolution Work Shop, 2 - 3 November 2004 in Toronto, Canada.


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SIGTRAN is the name given to an IETF working group that produced specifications for a family of protocols that provide reliable datagram service and user layer adaptations

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

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Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is 3rd generation cellular network and provides circuit switched & high speed packet switched servic

Signaling System Number 7 (SS7)

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Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) is a set of telephony signaling protocols which are used to set up most of the world's public switched tele

General packet radio service (GPRS)

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General packet radio service (GPRS) is a packet oriented mobile data service available to users of the 2G cellular communication systems gl

Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)

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Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) originally called Groupe Spécial Mobile is the first true standard for mobile phones in the world. GSM is being used by over 3 billion people across more than 212 countries and territories.