4G speed record smashed with 1.4 Gigabits-per-second mobile call #MWC12

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Nokia Siemens Networks

Arlington Heights, Illinois – February 27, 2012: Nokia Siemens Networks boosts data rate for LTE-Advanced on 100 MHz spectrum, using commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station

With 52 commercial LTE customers around the world – more than any other vendor – Nokia Siemens Networks is familiar with 4G leadership. But even its mobile broadband experts were impressed when they earlier this month achieved world record data speeds exceeding 1.4 Gbps using an LTE-Advanced* (4G) system on 100 MHz of aggregated spectrum. The calls, involving huge file transfers and HD video streaming, hit peaks of 1.429 Gigabits-per-second. Although not aiming to replicate the feat in Barcelona, the breakthrough supports the company’s claim to being the mobile broadband specialist at Mobile World Congress 2012.

“Moments such as these only come once,” said Marc Rouanne, the company’s head of Network Systems. “Taking advanced technologies – such as LTE-Advanced – to a higher level is hugely satisfying. This work shows the potential for operators moving to LTE and beyond to deliver ubiquitous mobile broadband that truly delights people. The fact that this world record has been achieved using our commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station is just another proof of our platforms’ superior capacity.”

“At Mobile World Congress we’re showcasing leading innovations in our Liquid Net portfolio, as well as in customer experience management, all made to work seamlessly by the expertise of our services teams. Today’s 4G world record and everything we do at the event underscores our focus on leadership in mobile broadband. It’s this focus that our customers will take away from their visits to our Experience Center,” Rouanne said.

A public area outside its Experience Center in hall 8, C01, will give visitors to the Mobile World Congress a flavor of the innovation being demonstrated to customers inside.

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