Anite’s SAS to Accelerate LTE Device Launches for Telefónica Germany

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24 January 2012 - Anite, a global leader in wireless device testing technology, today announced that Telefónica Germany has selected Anite’s LTE interoperability test solution SAS, in order to ramp up its market introduction of LTE devices.

For over ten years Telefónica Germany has been using Anite’s 2G and 3G interoperability test solution SAS because of its rigorous “Operator Acceptance Scheme” for device approval. SAS enables the operator to launch high quality devices more quickly and cost-effectively.

Telefónica Germany is upgrading its existing suite of Anite testing systems to include LTE as Anite’s SAS can reduce the time needed to test new handsets by up to 50%. Anite’s network simulator is easily programmed to replicate real-life network scenarios in a controlled lab test environment. This is crucial for LTE devices as they will have to move between LTE, 3G and 2G coverage areas.

Telefónica Germany’s device acceptance programme involves pre-delivery testing by suppliers using Anite’s SAS, installed with Telefónica’s specifications. By ensuring their device passes Telefónica Germany's provisional acceptance tests, the supplier can speed up the acceptance of their device onto the network. Furthermore, if Telefónica has any problems with the handset, they can send log information from their SAS to the handset manufacturer so that they can recreate the situation in their own laboratory and resolve the issue.

"With the purchase of SAS, Telefónica Germany will be able to minimise the time to market for new LTE devices and ensure a great customer experience,” commented Fathi Abdeldayem, Technical Vendor Manager at Telefónica Germany. “For the past ten years we have relied on Anite to accelerate our handset introductions and this latest agreement extends this partnership into LTE and beyond."

Mike Bonin, Managing Director of Anite’s Handset Testing business commented: “Anite is very pleased that our long-term partnership with Telefónica Germany, one of the world’s leading mobile operators, is to be expanded with this latest LTE related order. Over the years, Telefónica Germany has achieved considerable cost savings and ensured a high end-user experience by using Anite’s solutions to create specific scripts for an optimised operator acceptance scheme.”

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