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Cellwize SON Boosts Telefónica UK’s Network Modernisation Rollout

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Telefónica UK continues to improve and enhance network reliability and its Quality of Service for its subscribers – thanks to Cellwize elastic-SON

London and Singapore 13 October 2014:  Cellwize today announced that its elastic-SON™, the Centralized Self Organizing Network solution (C-SON) has been commercially deployed by Telefónica UK to enhance mobile network performance and Quality of Service for UK subscribers. elastic-SON from Cellwize was selected following a rigorous evaluation process carried out by the Telefónica Global CTO Team and Telefónica UK.

Telefónica UK is the first to implement the C-SON solution in the Telefónica Group globally and effectively the first company in the UK to implement a SON solution across all three technologies (2G, 3G and 4G).

Since 2012 Telefónica UK has been working with Vodafone to share their basic network infrastructure to create a single network grid in the UK that runs two competing nationwide mobile networks. This advanced network requires a robust SON solution that’s capable of working across different technologies with equipment from multiple-vendors – and effectively manage the transition between old and new solutions. As one of the industry’s most intelligent SON solutions, Cellwize elastic-SON meets this criteria having already proven SON implementations operating on Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei networks.

Cellwize’s SON solution played two key roles during the network modernization process. Telefónica UK’s network performance was optimized to work between legacy and modern RAN infrastructure to enhance network reliability and Quality of Service. To support the migration of equipment, elastic-SON connected seamlessly with multi-vendor technology enabling new solutions to come online rapidly.

“We chose Cellwize due to its ability to work with all Telefónica UK incumbent RAN vendors and technologies. Cellwize was successful in improving customer experience during such a complex RAN-sharing network swap project,” said Adrian Di Meo, CTO of Telefonica UK. “We were impressed by the speed and efficiency in which Cellwize has come online to actively support the transition.  The SON solution reduced the complexity and Time-To-Market of new site-setup as well as the overall swap, which was deployed with expertise and efficiency.”

“Our team is working closely with Cellwize to support additional business needs for special events which require enhanced coverage and capacity. Recently the Cellwize elastic-SON platform was supporting Notting Hill Carnival and the Ryder Cup 2014 event.”

Ofir Zemer, CEO of Cellwize: “Telefónica UK’s landmark network modernisation project will see all its subscribers receive the best service possible, across all technologies. elastic-SON plays a central role streamlining the process to ensure that the modernisation project is completed smoothly. As an independent SON solutions provider, we place an emphasis on solutions that work seamlessly with all technologies and vendors.”

Telefónica UK is part of a growing list of Tier-1 operators now selecting Cellwize’s SON solutions. Cellwize delivers unrivalled coverage and capacity while working flawlessly across both new and legacy networks. The multi-vendor solution helps operators achieve the ultimate network performance.

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