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2012 Feb 23, 2012 - Mobile World Congress, the most important trade show for the telecommunications industry is starting next Moday at La Fira, Barcelona. From February 27 to March 1, visitors to Ericsson's (NASDAQ:ERIC) Hall 6 will be able to sneak a peek into the future of communications and the Networked Society.

Ericsson will launch new products and services, including a series world's firsts, in the areas of Mobile broadband, Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and Managed Services.

This year's highlights include:

LTE - Ericsson powers LTE Eco system at MWC 2012

Ericsson is the leading player in LTE technology and during the show it will demonstrate the latest developments in this technology.

It has also partnered with Qualcomm, LG, Sony, Renesas, Nvidia and ST-Ericsson to provide coverage for devices and chipsets built by these companies' chipsets  to fuel the LTE eco system

This collaboration allows the eco system partners to show their LTE products over live, state of the art Ericsson LTE infrastructure. The different UE vendors are all close partners with Ericsson, pushing the boundaries of the LTE eco system. Ericsson is doing this as part of our strategy to strengthening the build up of the LTE eco system and in particular powering the take of LTE based smartphones.

More than 30 LTE LTE eco system products are part of Ericsson LTE demonstration at MWC.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE GSMA IR.92) and video calling over LTE (GSMA IR.94)  will be demonstrated on  Samsung and LG devices. A live demonstration of the world's first LTE to WCDMA voice handover (SRVCC, Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) will be shown in collaboration with Qualcomm. Circuit switched fallback (CSFB) voice services will be demonstrated on LG LTE smartphones.

As more Smartphones are sold with prediction showing that there will be 400 million sold this year and 4 billion deployed by end of year 2016, there will be a continued need for modernizing, transforming and rolling out new technology and services to secure a network's quality of service.

Three new Services offerings are presented; The Smartphone Network Optimization supports the operator to get ready in time for the data uptake and secures the quality of service in the network. Managed End-user Service Assurance - a concept for monitoring and visualizing the end-user quality of service for operators. And finally the Data Center Build and Optimization - to help operators with their cloud offering.

Ericsson showcases services that will help telecom operators to modernize transform and roll out new technology and services while ensuring quality of service for the consumers. With a combination of technology and services leadership that also transfers into adjacent industries, Ericsson unveils co-operation with car manufacturer Volvo on enabling electrical cars to be charged and billed to your account from anywhere.

A live feed from the stand to one of Ericsson's Global Network Operation Centers displays the global skill and scale in Ericsson's service delivery operations. Scale of the 56,000 services professionals Ericsson has proven skills in delivering services remotely from its four Global Service Centers, using standardized processes, methods and tools.

Today's transformation of networks from Telecom, IT, Broadcast and related content management systems puts very high demand on the project management as the projects are very complex with many several sub suppliers involved. Ericsson presented its leading project management capabilities, its experience of complex projects and multi technology and multi vendor projects.

Ericsson has the most comprehensive OSS/BSS portfolio in the industry, recently strengthened through the acquisition of Telcordia.

Ericsson will show how to empower operators to monetize, provide optimal user experience and innovate in the Networked Society by transforming business and supporting systems to leverage network investments and create business opportunities.

Ericsson offers its holistic operator view when transforming organizations and IT environments utilizing true real-time competence and creating configurable OSS/BSS solutions. This gives the ability to monetize and manage any opportunity with the trust of a global experienced partner.

Ericsson is putting customers' business benefits first by taking a holistic approach to people, process and technology aspects when defining and embarking on a modernization and consolidation path for an effective OSS and BSS architecture with leaner processes. Ericsson will demonstrate its approach to reach these kinds of achievements backed up by customer cases proof points such as OSS and BSS transformation reference cases.

High Definition Video Conferencing

Ericsson together with world's leading telecommunications operators, Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, Telecom Italia and Telefónica and equipment vendors Italtel, Polycom and Quanta Computer, among others, will bring a demonstration of the new interoperable HD videoconference capabilities.  Samples of practical use will be demonstrated at the Telefónica (Hall 8), Ericsson (Hall 6) and Polycom's (Stand 2D01) stands, connecting to Deutsche Telekom in Germany and Telecom Italia in Italy. The services shown will be based on 3GPP IMS and uses GSMA IPX to interconnect enabling point-to-point as well as multi-party HD video conferences, regardless of video user equipment, access network or country of origin and destination with a customer experience as easy as a phone call.

Ericsson will be showcasing its recently announced m-commerce portfolio, designed to provide the world's leading consumers brands with the infrastructure and solutions needed to create and connect m-wallets across a global m-commerce eco-system.

Ericsson Converged Wallet can unlock the potential of the m-wallet for operators and financial institutions by converting the accounts of over a billion consumers already on the Ericsson Billing & Charging Solution to m-wallets. Some 1.6 billion people worldwide who are already using a type of 'first generation' m-wallet voice accounts (pre and post-paid accounts), can now be easily converted to 'next generation' m-wallets through Ericsson Converged Wallet

The Ericsson Merchant Wallet service will help provide large Internet brands and merchants with a solution for payments including payments; virtual currency transactions, loyalty points.

Ericsson Wallet Platform delivers software solutions and hosted services to enable secure and convenient mobile financial services, e.g. person to person money transfer, bill payment, merchant payments and micro loans

Ericsson M-commerce Interconnect acts as an eco system hub for money transfer; payment transactions and services between subscribers of Mobile Network Operators and other service providers (e.g. banks, money transfer organizations, payment service providers, Internet service providers)

Ericsson participates at "Picture today, Inspire tomorrow" initiative

Ericsson is the founding partner of "Picture today inspire tomorrow", a unique photography project, getting millions of people around the world to share and reflect on their own lives and learn from the lives of others. On May 15, 2012, people all over the world - amateur and professional photographers, photojournalists, artists, media groups, NGOs, educational institutions, social networks; anyone interested-will be invited to take photographs to illustrate the energy of one single day. The resulting gigantic photo collection will be given direction, structure and context, making it a relevant portrait of today, for tomorrow.

In the "Picture today inspire tomorrow" area in hall 6 Ericsson and Expressions of Humankind, the initiating foundation behind the project, will be available to discuss and present the project.

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