Kuwait’s Mada selects InfiNet Wireless for high-speed broadband services

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London, 21st October 2013 - InfiNet Wireless, a leading global manufacturer and provider of carrier-grade wireless infrastructure solutions for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) and wireless connectivity, today announced that its technology has been selected and is currently being deployed by Mada Communications of Kuwait to provide high-capacity broadband connectivity to businesses in the private and public sector all across the state of Kuwait.

A pioneer in wireless broadband service provider in Kuwait since the 1980’s, Mada Communications today serves customers ranging from various areas of the industry such as the government, military, oil and financial sectors to commercial customers. As part of its strategy to diversify and broaden both its business and reach and due to increasing demand for high quality broadband services in Kuwait, Mada was looking to introduce more capacity over the air and enhance the utilization of its frequencies to provide more flexible connectivity solutions to its customers. As part of this move, Mada Communications and InfiNet Wireless worked together to deploy InfiNet’s point-to-multi-point InfiMan Mmx high-speed base stations with quality of service (QoS) and associated subscriber terminals, increasing threefold the data capacity on Mada’s networks.

“Selecting InfiNet Wireless technology meant that we could efficiently utilise our existing spectrum without increasing any or new spectrums”, said Mr Ahmed Al-Ebraheem, General Manager of Mada Communications. “With this partnership, we are now able to offer our customer base a whole new range of services tailored exactly to their requirements, as well as higher capacity than ever before for mission-critical connections such as high resolution video surveillance.”

“We are delighted to be Mada’s partner of choice for wireless connectivity”, said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President at InfiNet Wireless. “We know many service providers still rely heavily on their WiMAX infrastructure but the majority of them have now come to realize that their businesses cannot grow any more due to the limitations of such a technology. With our solutions, wireless ISPs like Mada are indeed able to re-use their existing spectrum much more efficiently whilst at the same time offering their customers the flexibility to upgrade their networks as and when their needs increase.”

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