Mavenir provides Innovative EIR solution for FCC's Protect Initiative

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Richardson, TX – May 3, 2012 –Mavenir Systems, a leading provider of mobile infrastructure solutions for mobile service providers to offer IMS and cloud-based communications services, today announced the availability of the Mavenir Equipment Identity Register (EIR) solution for mobile service providers. Mavenir’s EIR will help North American service providers to quickly and easily implement the recently announced FCC mandate, developed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and CTIA, allowing carriers to disable devices from use in any network once reported stolen.

Mavenir’s EIR is unique in the industry because it seamlessly offers value-added service options that allow mobile service providers to offer new applications and features. It is the first EIR that supports both GSM UMTS and LTE.

The LTE release of Mavenir’s EIR prevents stolen devices from being used in existing 2G/3G networks, as well as 4G, protecting the expensive, new smartphone devices that have become pervasive. In North America, one leading LTE service provider is already live with Mavenir’s LTE EIR.

“Mavenir is the EIR industry leader offering a carrier-grade security solution for North American service providers to not only meet regulatory requirements, but also control revenue leakage,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and chief executive officer, Mavenir Systems. “The combination of Mavenir’s EIR track record, extensive industry expertise and global channel partnerships makes this an ideal solution for North American service providers looking to meet or exceed the FCC mandate in an aggressive timeframe.”

In addition to the basic capability to blacklist stolen devices, Mavenir’s EIR allows the mobile service provider to understand the patterns of device usage in the network and target new services to subscribers with the appropriate equipment. This online but anonymous reporting from the EIR platform can be a valuable tool to understand the geographic and demographic patterns of device usage.

Kohli added, “We have been seeing this trend expand globally and been working with many Tier 1 International Operators solving their Security and Policy requirements with our EIR solution, that has now proven itself as a market leader.This move by the FCC is a giant step towards resolution on a worldwide basis.”

Mavenir’s EIR solution already serves more than 50 in-service deployments globally and integrates seamlessly with the service providers’ existing network and provisioning infrastructure.

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