474 New LTE Devices Launched in Past Year

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GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) reports that 97 manufacturers have announced 821 LTE-enabled user devices, including frequency and carrier variants. Of these, 474 new LTE user devices were launched in the past year. 

166 of the 821 LTE devices can operate in LTE TDD mode while others in the FDD mode. In terms of other access RAT supports, 562 LTE devices can operate on HSPA networks, including 259 devices that support 42 Mbps DC-HSPA+ capabilities and 215 LTE devices with operating capability on EV-DO systems.

Spectrum support is diverse with 280 devices supporting 2600, 233 devices supporting 1800 MHz and 207 devices capable of 800 MHz. 

The number of LTE manufacturers increased by 54% in during last year.

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