Ericsson launch of cloud video enabler wins NAB best of show award

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Ericsson today made an announcement that 2015 NewBay Media Best of Show Award which was held in Las Vegas, 11-16 April recognizes the ‘Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform’ as a disruptive cloud-based enabler for time-shifted TV services.

Vice President and Head of Solution Area Media of Ericsson, quoted that TV Consumers are already demanding access-anywhere services and infinite content choice, and will soon become frustrated with the fragmenting industry approach to delivering on-demand services. As a result, TV service providers are under increasing pressure to quickly and efficiently deploy complex time and place shifted TV services. And thus Ericsson’s Video Storage and Processing Platform establishes the current industry benchmarks for performance, flexibility, and scale. Specifically optimized for media and suitable for time-shifted services such as cloud-based DVR, it has scale-out capabilities which have been proven to support over 150 petabytes of video storage across demanding customer sites worldwide.

According to Ericsson VP and Head of Solution Area Media, this award is testament to their market leading position in the media space. He said that their unique, flexible and disruptive approach to reducing costs and simplifying processes has made possible for their customers to delight consumers in their TV experiences, and to deliver business results through increased loyalty, new subscribers and revenues.

Ericsson’s Media Vision 2020 research predicts that by the year 2020, time spent watching on-demand and time-shifted content will have reached 50:50 parity with linear and live TV. TV service providers therefore must ensure that they can address accelerating consumer demand through scalable and resilient infrastructures, while still being able to deliver unparalleled performance that sustains high recording and playout concurrency, especially in all-new adaptive bitrate delivery architectures.

The Video Storage and Processing Platform powers Ericsson’s Cloud DVR solution, which was recently launched at NAB Show 2015 following Ericsson’s acquisition of Fabrix Systems. It offers a unique and tested infrastructure, which ensures that existing television services can be seamlessly enhanced or replaced with advanced private cloud-based services. This all-software platform leverages and transforms the video-specific performance of large arrays of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers.

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