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LTE Subscription Growth Remains Strong in 2018 as 5G Kicks In

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LTE Subscription Growth 2018

LTE subscriber base now accounts for 44% of all mobile subscriptions worldwide and is expected to keep growing until 2022. Based on the latest GSA data, there were 3.74B LTE connections globally at the end of September 2018 in comparison to 2.77B  connections a year earlier. LTE subscriptions are expected to reach 5.96B by 2022 end. 

According to GSA, database 886 operators are investing in LTE networks worldwide at the end of November 2018, of which there are 745 commercially launched LTE networks (FWA or mobile), launched by 710 unique operators.

5G also has taken off in 2018 with 197 operators investing in 226 5G mobile and 5G FWA networks in the form of tests, trials, planned and pilot deployments and launches at mid-December 2018.

5G subscriptions are forecast to grow rapidly from 2019 to 1.3 billion by the end of 2023.

While the total number of mobile subscriptions has been growing more globally and up by 4.4% in the year as GSM connections continue to fall at the rate of 20% year-on-year. 

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